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In our previous Part of EarnPM review (read here) we went through the investment plan and made some calculations to understand the profitability and sustainability of the program. Let me remind you some of our conclusion:

Okey.. so we have a single so-called “perpetual” or in other words – FOREVER plan. In theory you make an investment only once and after that you receive your interest earnings forever.

No conversion factor of 30/22 (calendar days/business days) needed because there is no any days off. Accruals are added every day.

I remind that, dealing with “FOREVER” plans, we cannot calculate the exact amount of Net Profit, Total Gross Interest and DNI (Daily Net Interest). That is why we take a possible lifetime of the program to make our usual math and show a potential risk reward ratio…

For example – EarnPM pays investors for 150 days.  To get the Total Gross Interest we multiply the number of days (150) by daily return (0.75%) | 150 days x 0.75% = 112.5%. In this case our Net Profit ( 112.5% – 100% ) = 12.5%.

Not that BIG but looks very stable and less risk, right? At this example we have a DNI of LOW interest program. ( divide our Total Net Profit (12.5%) by 150 days of investment period and we get a DNI of 0,08%. )

(check EN Hyip Insights article #12 Part 3 and Part 4 to know more about DNI)

*As we mentioned before you can withdraw your deposit or a part of it anytime After the first accrual. Therefore we have also a different way here..

As another example:

If we use the “Principal Back” option – then we can get around 130% of Total Gross Interest after 40 days already.. which is much faster.. We get 0.75% daily for 40 days (0.75% x 40 days = 30%) , and then get Principal Back. After it’s done investors are free to decide whether they want to continue and join with another deposit amount or not…

The math will be different, however the DNI still remains LOW:

Total Gross Interest = 130%, Net profit = 30%, DNI (Daily Net Interest) = 0.75%

I’m sure you get the point and you can play with different examples (different investment strategies) the way you want to.

Today we have to add some additional terms and rules of EarnPM which you should definitely know, if you have already joined or are about to join this program:

When did this project start?

We opened our website on January 12, 2021.

What are the funding options for making a deposit?

We only accept Perfect Money USD deposits.

What is the minimum amount of money I can deposit?

$10.00 USD is the minimum amount.

How do I know you received my deposit?

Deposits are credited to your account instantly, as soon as you make them on the Perfect Money website. We will send you an email when you make a deposit. You will also be able to immediately see in on your Account Information screen. Be sure to check your Spam folder.

When do I receive interest payments?

Every day, exactly 24 hours after your last deposit. And then every 24 hours forever.

How do I withdraw money?

You can withdraw money at any time. Withdraw is only allowed after you have received at least one interest payment, or one referral commission. Every deposit will prevent you from making a withdraw for 24 hours. If you have received an interest (or referral) payment, and it has been 24 hours since your last deposit, you will be able to withdraw some or all of your account balance. Remember that leaving your money in your account will allow you to collect compounding interest every day!

How long do you hold my principal?

Deposits cannot be withdrawn until you have received an interest payment or one referral commission. You can withdraw your interest payments as soon as you receive them, if they total $0.50 or more. Once you have at least received one interest payment (or referral), you can withdraw your principal and interest. Remember that if your account balance drops below $10.00, you will not receive any more interest payments.

How do I reinvest my money?

You do not have to reinvest your money with us. It stays in your account and keeps gaining interest automatically. It works like a savings account from a traditional bank.

Do you charge any fees for your services?

No, we do no charge any fee for our services or use of our website. Keep in mind that you will pay a Perfect Money fee when you make your deposit.

I requested a payout, when will I receive it?

The payout is processed instantly. Your money is immediately deducted from your available balance and then sent to your Perfect Money account. There is no waiting.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we have a referral (or affiliate) program. You can earn 0.5% of any deposits made by your referrals.

Can I refer investors if I do not make an investment?

Yes, you can. You do not have to invest to use the referral program. Just use your referral link.

Can I use myself as a referrer for a commission?

No. You are not allowed to use yourself as a referrer when depositing money.

What if I do not see an answer to my question?

Please contact us via the Support page available on our website. We will gladly provide an answer to your question.

How can I contact you?

If you have any problems or further questions, you are most welcome to contact us using our Support page.

At the moment we do not see links to any social groups, so for any questions and inquiries you can use the support form or direct email at ..

Well, hopefully EarnPM will provide us with news and updates, which we will take into consideration and will inform you about.

See you tomorrow and Stay tuned..


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