Medium Interest Programs.

In Part 3 of this article (which you can read here) we talked about low and high interest programs and “formulae” for investing in them.  The most important ones — the ones that might be of most interest to the HYIP investor — might be the ones in between.  These are what we’ve dubbed as medium interest programs.  And, to repeat, we’ve decided that the daily net interest (DNI) for these programs will roughly be between 1% and 2%.  The interest rates for these programs aren’t so high that they seem impossible to sustain and, on the other hand, they aren’t so low that the program almost ceases to behave like an HYIP — which, of course, is what readers of Emily News are interested in.

There are obviously no clear lines of distinction between low, medium, and high interest programs.  It’s kind of like watching day turn to night; there is an infinity of gray areas in between.  Naturally, investment plans offering a DNI close to 2% will function pretty much like a high interest program and you should approach them with this in mind.  On the other hand, programs with a DNI in the neighborhood of 1% should be handled more like a low interest program.  So, referring back to some of the conclusions we made on Part 3 of this article, there is a continuum of possibilities that work kind of like this:

  • As Interest rate goes up, we should think less about the legend surrounding the company (as it is almost guaranteed to be imaginary) and primarily think about investing with the company right after it starts up and then getting out. You would probably only want to invest for a single cycle.
  • As interest rates go down, we should think more about the company’s legend and the other factors listed in the Wise HYIP Investor article in HYIP Insights #8 (that you can read here) before investing.

An additional factor that I would throw in is to try to evaluate the Admin of an HYIP.  Read what he has to say in news releases, Facebook posts, etc. in an effort to gain an understanding of what he is up to.  AxisCrude recently closed and, during its time on line, I observed that in most of its news releases, a great deal of time was devoted to saying how great their company was and how it was the real thing.  Well, if a person continually tells me that he are great and that he is very honest, I will get skeptical very fast.  Actions speak louder than words and you should pay more attention to programs that appear to be run by upstanding people.


Conclusion — Tying It All Together.

This has been a very long article — all four parts of it.  Perhaps the most useful part of it is the discussion of Daily Net Interest rate (DNI).  If you have a clear understanding of this and can quickly determine it for a new HYIP, you will be miles ahead in knowing precisely how profitable and/or risky it will be — and also will be able to give it a label as a high, medium, or low interest program.  Knowing this, you will be better able to select programs that are more suited to your investment tastes.  Some of us are short term gamblers; others prefer to earn slow and easy.

When it comes down to a real “investment formula,” an investment procedure that we feel confident will work most of the time, we certainly haven’t been successful.  I doubt that such a thing exists!  However, we have offered some guidelines on how to handle investment programs depending on the DNI that they offer.  Nothing is for sure in the HYIP game, but our hope is that these guidelines will increase your success rate when it comes to selecting a program to invest in.

Good Luck!


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