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After the “First Thoughts” article of EarnPM, that was published several days ago, we’re going to move on to our detailed analysis. Let’s do it today, right after i remind you an excerpt from a recent article, where we touched on an investment proposal:

EarnPM platform offers one single “Perpetual” investment plan:

  Earn 0.75% interest on your account balance daily
  Maintain an account balance of only $10 or more
  Withdraw your funds anytime after first interest payment
  Interest is compounding and added daily forever

As you see – the interest is not as high as we used to see on many recently added platforms. So, perhaps, many of investors will keep an eye on EarnPM and some of them will join it looking for opportunity to diversify an investment portfolio.. Let’s hope the admin has come up with a long-term strategy and many investors will make a profit. But of course, as always, only time will tell.

Okey.. so we have a single so-called “perpetual” or in other words – FOREVER plan. In theory you make an investment only once and after that you receive your interest earnings forever.

No conversion factor of 30/22 (calendar days/business days) needed because there is no any days off. Accruals are added every day.

I have to notice two things here:

  1. invested funds are always on your balance and after you earn your daily profit, there is an automated compounding feature. That means that if you do NOT withdraw your accrual, the next one will be earned based on the bigger amount of your balance.. but, of course, we will do our own calculations with daily withdrawals, so that the whole picture looks simpler and clearer..
  2. You can withdraw your balance (any part OR the whole deposit amount) right after the first accrual, so with this strategy following math will be different

Let’s check when we reach break even point if we follow the plan every day and do not withdraw a part or a whole deposit back.. We divide 100% by the 0.75% and get exactly ~133 days. Meaning that after we break even in 133 days all the rest of the time we start getting our net profit.

I remind that, dealing with “FOREVER” plans, we cannot calculate the exact amount of Net Profit, Total Gross Interest and DNI (Daily Net Interest). That is why we take a possible lifetime of the program to make our usual math and show a potential risk reward ratio… 

For example – EarnPM pays investors for 150 days.  To get the Total Gross Interest we multiply the number of days (150) by daily return (0.75%) | 150 days x 0.75% = 112.5%. In this case our Net Profit ( 112.5% – 100% ) = 12.5%

Not that BIG but looks very stable and less risk, right? At this example we have a DNI of LOW interest program. ( divide our Total Net Profit (12.5%) by 150 days of investment period and we get a DNI of 0,08%. )

(check EN Hyip Insights article #12 Part 3 and Part 4 to know more about DNI)

*As we mentioned before you can withdraw your deposit or a part of it anytime After the first accrual. Therefore we have also a different way here..

As another example:

If we use the “Principal Back” option – then we can get around 130% of Total Gross Interest after 40 days already.. which is much faster.. We get 0.75% daily for 40 days (0.75% x 40 days = 30%) , and then get Principal Back. After it’s done investors are free to decide whether they want to continue and join with another deposit amount or not…

The math will be different, however the DNI still remains LOW:

Total Gross Interest = 130%, Net profit = 30%, DNI (Daily Net Interest) = 0.75%

I’m sure you get the point and you can play with different examples (different investment strategies) the way you want to.

Enough for today.. More information will be provided in the next Part 2 of this Review. As always, we will inform you about news and EarnPM updates.. See you tomorrow..


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