Pantera – a platform, that recently entered the “Silver” listing on EN Monitor. It has been working for a bit less than 2 months ( launched ~57 days ago ). We welcome them here. Let’s hope it will bring good results to all investors who have already decided or will decide to join. The time will show, as always.

Let’s check the description of the platform – the way it is presented on website for visitors:

High-frequency trading with smart algorithms

Pantera’s smart robots make a lot of fast transactions on cryptocurrency exchanges in ultra-short periods of time, ensuring every second profit from your assets.

Automatic cryptocurrency arbitrage

Special trading algorithms conduct instant transactions concerning the difference in coin exchange rates between crypto exchanges or revealed correlations in cryptocurrency pairs.

Pantera is an optimal choice for investors who want to earn money with financial market professionals.

Entrust complicated decisions to Pantera‘s smart algorithms: pay minimal attention while artificial intelligence trades your assets profitably and get maximum profit while always staying in business.

Pantera Ai Limited announces the launch of sales of investment and partner products! Choose the appropriate format of cooperation with Pantera and start earning on quantum cryptocurrency trading powered by artificial intelligence and smart algorithms.

Even now, the platform’s account holders have access to a pool of “Algorithmic Trading” strategies with every second profit of up to 3.6% per day for 15, 30, 45, or 60 days, as well as the short-length “Arbitrage Trading” strategy with the profit pay-outs in less than 24 hours! The minimum investment amount is $25; instant withdrawals to your wallet are available from just 10 cents.

For business clients, the platform provides a multi-level affiliate program. Join Panterа business community and start to build a career with us: our partners earn 5-20% from attracted investments and receive regular bonuses up to $20,000 for every level-up!

The platform work is completely legitimate and regulated by government agencies: we are legally registered in the United Kingdom and perform the cryptocurrency trading under the FCA e-license. Your assets in Panterа are protected by European legislation.

Join Pantera now and start earning every second profit from your assets right after paying for your investment, or take all your profits within 24 hours and get the perfect conditions for your deposit!

There is no full description of the so-called “About Us” page, but they describe some aspects of the workflow (as it is claimed) on different parts and pages of the site, as you could notice..

Now, let’s move on to the offered investment plans, which are divided into two subgroups here:

Algorithmic Trading

  • 1.44% daily for 15 calendar days | Minimum 25 USD | Principal back
  • 1.8% daily for 30 calendar days | Minimum 1000 USD | Principal back
  • 2.52% daily for 45 calendar days | Minimum 10000 USD | Principal back
  • 3.6% daily for 60 calendar days | Minimum 50000 USD | Principal back

Arbitrage Trading

  • 0.2% – 1% After 6 – 24 hours | Minimum 25 USD | Principal back

It would be reasonable to say, that, highly likely, two first plans of both subgroups ( 1.44% daily for 15 calendar days | 0.2% – 1% After 6 – 24 hours ) were the most popular from the beginning.. At the moment, after 1.5 – 2 months of work it’s possible, that the second plan of the first subgroup ( 1.8% daily for 30 calendar days ) is also gaining more participants step by step..

*The more stability the platform shows and provides – the more plans (even those with bigger minimal deposit amount) are in use.. 

it’s a common principle of hyip industry workflow for any platform

Let’s stop here and continue to dig deeper into the pros and cons of the investment proposal of Pantera in the next article (Review Part 1), which will be published pretty soon i believe.. Stand by please..


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