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Today is the time to continue the description of the BitActivity platform. It was introduced a few days ago and you may already have read the “First Thoughts” article about it. Let me remind you a little bit from that article:

Click this LINK to watch the program’s videos!

BitActivity offers 3 investment plans for 10, 20 and 30 days (with a short pre explanation):

Take a look at BitActivity programs with ultra-fast real-time profit accrual intervals: your balance is updated every second and instant withdrawal to your wallet is available at any time.

  • Free2.16% Daily | Deposit term: 10 days (Principal Back) | Total return: 121.6%, min. deposit – $10
  • Classic3.24% Daily | Deposit term: 20 days (Principal Back) | Total return: 164.8%, min. deposit – $500
  • Supreme4.32% Daily | Deposit term: 30 days (Principal Back) | Total return: 229.6%, min. deposit – $2500

As you can see all plans have a nice feature of “every-second” accruals and you can instantly withdraw available balance at any time convenient for you.

You can notice that the range between min. amounts of deposits there is not too big. As such, I would argue that both Free and Classic plans can be potentially quite popular with investors. Let’s take them as examples ..

As we can see, All plans are counted in Calendar days, as a regular reader of EN blog 🙂 you should already know, what that means.. right, we do not need to use the conversion factor of 30/22 (calendar days/business days).

As we see in Free plan, the interest rate is 2,16% per day. 

*We will analyze based on this rate, but you must remember that your accruals on this platform occur every second, so you will probably be withdrawing different amounts every day, unless you manage to do so every time in the exact same second. … However you can try your luck, just do not forget to leave your comments below of how you actually did it..

As it often happens in “Principal Back” plans we break even here at the end of plan – meaning in 10 days. Your Net Profit will be (2,16% x 10 days) = 21.6%.  

Your Total Gross Interest is 21.6% + 100% = 121.6% . You can also see it’s indicated on plan as Total return

The next step is to calculate a DNI (Daily Net Interest).

If you are a new here – please read EN HYIP Insights article #12 Part 3 and Part 4, then you will be able to understand what it is..

If we divide our Total Net Profit (21.6%) by 10 days of this investment plan – we see the result – a DNI of 2.16% = our daily return. As it usually happens in most “Principal Back” plans. We classify this plan as a high interest investment offer.

Now, in short we do the same for Classic plan:

  • Your Break Even – in 20 days.
  • Your Net Profit will be (3,24% x 20 days) = 64.8%
  • Total Gross Interest (Total Return) = 164.8%
  • DNI – (in our case, of course, it equals the daily return) = 3,24%, which is also a high interest investment offer.

Enough for now i guess. In Part 2, we will include more information and some terms of BitActivity platform that will also be useful to you. Stand by please. Part 2 will be available soon…


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