HightWolf just began a “Diamond” listing on the EmilyNews monitor.  They are not a new company and it looks like they have been active online for approximately 125 days ( *before in sleeping mode ).  This is definitely a good sign and result for the HYIP business, so let’s wish them a continued successful workflow for the benefit of investors.

Click this LINK to watch the presentation video!

As usual, we want to see what HightWolf claims to be.. here it is:

Welcome to Hightwolf

The investment platform of the future

The history of our company starts in the very beginning of the XXI century. In the 2000s, the appearance of new technologies gave a powerful impetus to the development of exchange trading and innovative types of investments. Along with the global spread of affordable Internet and mass production of personal computers, many experts have come to the conclusion that brokerage and trust asset management can also be brought online.

In 2009-2010, something has happened that has forever changed the domain of finance – of course, we are talking about the creation of the first cryptocurrency and the implementation of Blockchain technology. This prompted the founders of HightWolf to create an online platform, because the adoption of new tech gave us the level of security and efficiency that was previously unreachable for ordinary users. Initially, the online platform was conceived as an invite-only VIP club for top class traders and big investors. However, over time, we came to the understanding that the real advantage of modern economic model is globalization. We decided to make the platform open to all newcomers, and this decision instantly began to bear fruit. Today the financial turnover of the company increases exponentially, and with its increase, the net profit grows as well – and we gladly share it with our clients.

What is Hightwolf?

Your personal pass to the world of investment

As experience indicates, most people who only start to learn about the possibilities of passive income, after some research resort to investment, as it is seemingly the most simple and effective way to increase one’s capital. But most of these people lose 90% of their assets and find themselves back at square one. Why is this happening?

The point is that investment is not just about “throwing in” some cash. It is necessary to give structure to your actions, understand the mechanisms of a market economy, follow trading signals, conduct analytics and make predictions. Growth is impossible without the clear understanding.

And that’s when you come to realize that the best option is to entrust your assets to those whose experience in this field has accumulated through decades of successful work.

Our main advantages

Best service for our clients

the best for the best

HightWolf is an officially registered company that works exclusively within the framework of international financial law. We provide maximum protection for our users, both from the legal and financial sides. In order to achieve this, we choose to work with the top-notch data protection professionals in the field of finance.

Our online platform is regularly tested by the best specialists who provide their services to VIP clients on Wall Street. Only a strictly limited circle of company management is given access to important and sensitive data, and all confidential information obtained and processed by the company is stored on dedicated media that are not connected to any shared network.

For investors, HightWolf offers five investment plans. They vary in terms of conditions, so pay attention to that.

  • Colibri Fly1.2% Daily for 15 working days (Principal Back) | min. deposit – $15
  • Trading Bull1.9% Daily for 20 working days (Principal Back) | min. deposit – $950
  • Eagle Growth2.7% Daily for 30 working days (Principal Back) | min. deposit – $2450
  • Bear Glow10.3% Daily for 23 working days (Principal Included) | min. deposit – $5000 
  • Lion King415% After 51 working days (Principal Back) | min. deposit – $880

We have a wide range of options here, as you can see.. Three “Principal Back Daily Plans, one “Principal Included” Daily plan and one “After” plan.

In my opinion, Colibri Fly and Trading Bull plans will be the most popular among investors of HightWolf platform and 80% – 90% of deposits will be under these plans.

The list of payment processors is also quite wide, as far as I can see you have a choice of PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Payeer, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, Dogecoin and even a few others ..

Let me stop there and continue with a more detailed review in a few days. We will take a few plans as an example and do a deeper analysis to understand all their pros and cons. HightWolf review will be published soon, so please stand by.. 


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