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In AsherTrade Review Part 1 , as you remember, we checked the investment plans of the platform in order to make you better understand what returns this platform offers to participants. Here is the part with some calculations that were made:

Now, let’s get a bit closer and make some calculations which must help us further. We take Asher Bronze as example. *I must say right away, that all of the plans seem to be very profitable. why? because not only you have a decent amount of daily income that should allow you to break even and profit faster than the plan ends, but you also need to get your principal back after the plan period. Pay attention to this moment please .. Ok, let’s start..

First of all, do not forget that this plan is in Calendar days, that is why we do not need to apply the conversion factor of 30/22 (calendar days/business days).

The interest rate is fixed at 5% per one day. Let’s see when we break even investing in AsherTrade plan. Dividing 100% by the 5% daily return – we get 20 days. After that, according to the plan, we have extra 25 days left to earn a Net Profit

Let’s recheck the Total Gross Interest now. We multiply the number of days (45) by daily return (5%) and we get this 45 x 5% = 225% and if you remember, this is a “Principal Back” plan, so we add our initial deposit – 100% and we get 225% + 100% = 325% ROI, just exactly as indicated in the plan. (But, you know, it’s always better to double-check everything 🙂 ...) So the Total NET profit investors could get is 225% of deposit.

Let’s go further and find out the DNI (EN Hyip Insights article #12 Part 3 and Part 4 will help you to understand what DNI is, if you are a beginner in this industry). I can remind you that most “Principal Back” plans have DNI equal to daily return. You can see it yourself – Dividing 225% by 45 days we get a DNI for this plan is 5%. In our measures, of course, we deal with a High interest plan here.

Now let’s check out some of the conditions that you, as a member of AsherTrade, must face, while earning using such plans:

Can I withdraw the principal during the investment period?

Yes, you can withdraw the principal any time with 20% fee, for this you need to contact us.

Can I make a several investment?

Yes, you can, There are no restrictions in this regard, however, minimum deposit is $10.00.

Can I add my funds to my Account principal so that they continue earning interest for me?

Yes, you can do this simply, log into your Asher Trade account, access “Fund my account” area, choose to make a deposit from Account Balance and follow the instructions we provide.

How much the minimum withdrawals?

The minimum withdrawal for crypto currencies is $3.00 and other currencies $1.00

How can I withdraw my funds?

– To do this you need to:
– Log into your Asher Trade account.
– Access “Withdrawal” area.
– Enter the amount you would like to withdraw and press “Continue”

How soon will you process the withdrawal request I have placed?

All withdrawal requests are processed manually after being checked and approved by our managers. Normally withdrawals are processed within 2 working days, but at times it may take us up to 4 days to process your request.

I placed a withdrawal request over 48 hours ago. I wonder why I have not been paid yet.

The most common reasons why you were not paid are:
– The PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin or Bank account number in your account profile is incorrect.
– You have balance limit imposed on your PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin or Bank account.
In case if your PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin or Bank account is correct and you still have not received the withdrawal, please contact our customer service
* Minimum amount of Bitcoin withdrawals is $3.00 and for other payment processors are $1.00.

I have received an email from you that contains an attachment. Is it safe to open it?

No, never open such attachments. We have never and never will send any emails containing attachments. Such emails are sent by hackers trying to get your account password and other data

Can the members of the same family open separate accounts from the same PC and IP address?

Yes, they can. You can open as many accounts from the same PC and IP address as you like. The only condition is that you need to provide separate e-currencies account numbers and contact email addresses for each of the accounts also in this case you can”t get referral commission.

If you need to contact AsherTrade platfom support you can use their

I also have to mention that if you go the Investment Opportunity (Investment Plans) page, after the box “Compare Investment Packages”, you will see a simple online calculator. There you can select the plan you want to check, enter the deposit amount and see both Net Profit, which is pointed there as – “Total profit” as well as Total Return, which is pointed there as “Total Profit $ Principal”, including your initial deposit that you have to get back at the end of plan.

That’s all for today. I hope, these two parts have saved you time and now you are informed about the most important things you need to know about the AsherTrade platform. See you soon in the next article..


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