Progress Report from Splitt.

Splitt (reviewed here) just released a very informative summary of progress they have made in their first month of operation online.  Unlike some other news releases (and even websites!) from certain HYIPs, this one is perfectly clear and appears to give an accurate summary of the company’s milestones in the past month.  We have reported on a few of these in past weeks.  However, this summary very nicely puts everything into one place.  Here it is…

Thirty days ago, Splitt and Team put mission into action by providing income to investors worldwide through Cloud Mining. By making cryptocurrency accessible to everyone and using cloud-based servers to make mining possible, Splitt is changing the way the market operates, and making room for the ordinary men and women who had previously been left on the outside looking in!

As with any other businesses, there were a few bumps on the road along this financial journey but these were fully resolved with the cooperation of all investors – for this we are truly grateful.

30 Days at a Glance:

24 June 2018 – started business operations.

03 July 2018 – Free Money with Splitt Bounty.

04 July 2018 – Top 5 in User Ratings (Perfect 5).

06 July 2018 – Introduced Splitt Mini-Game.

07 July 2018 – Successful Launch of Splitt Telegram Bot!

08 July 2018 – Launched Group Chats for Brazil, Germany, Philippines, Russia and Spain.

09 July 2018 – Initiated Group Chats for China, India, Indonesia, Korea and Vietnam.

17 July 2018 – Initiated promotion for Splitt Features and Regional Representatives.

21 July 2018 – Deposit and Withdrawal Options Made Available in 60 Major Coins / Cryptocurrencies.

24 July 2018 – Goodbye to Bitcoin Withdrawal Fees.

With more than 950 Members in our English Flagship group and about 10,000 members total onboard to-date, we just barely scratched the tip of the iceberg and more thrills will be revealed as we progress onwards to better times ahead – starting off with the announcement of Winners for Splitt Features Promotions on 31st July 2018.

On our 1st Monthsary, Splitt takes this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of our valued investors from Day One to this very day. ️

More fun, prizes and surprises await you at Splitt.

This you can be sure – Splitt aims to provide the most rewarding adventure!

Stay tuned as Splitt Team continues its mission to make Financial Freedom not only a dream – but a Reality! 

The Splitt Team


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