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The Splitt Investment Plans.

In our “First Thoughts” article about the Splitt investment program (that you can read here), we provided the following overview of the company’s investment plans:

Investing with Splitt is the same as investing with most HYIPs.  The company offers three investment plans that pay interest rates which, at first glance, appear to be sensible both from the point of profitability to the investor as well as from the point of view of long-term survival of the program.  The daily gross interest rates paid are 2.64%, 3.5%, and 4.7%, for investment plans having terms of 60, 40, and 35 days respectively.  All of the plans repay your investment as part of your earnings.  There are a few interesting details about the Splitt investment plans that might have a heavy influence on the plan you choose to invest in.  We will get into all that in our review of the program that should appear here in the EmilyNews Blog in the next day or two.  Please stand by.

Here’s the same information (plus a few more items from the website) in tabular form.  In addition to giving the investment limits in Bitcoin, I have also translated them into dollars — assuming that 1BTC = $6,500.  I fully realize that this conversion is very volatile.  However, it will at least put us in the right ballpark if we want to discuss the dollar value of the investment limits.

Dynamic Cloud Mining
2.64% daily for 60 days
.001 – 25 BTC
($6.5 – $162,500)

Bare Metal Simplified
3.5% daily for 40 days
.025 – 50 BTC
($162.5 – $325,000)

AISC Mining
4.7% daily for 35 days
.5 – 500 BTC
($3,250 – $3,250,000)

Analysis of the Splitt Investment Plans.

A discouraging thing about all these investment plans that immediately caught my eye are the high investment limits.  Even the lowest interest investment plan has an extremely high upper investment limit of around $162,500.  The highest interest investment plan has an obscenely high upper investment limit of over three million dollars!

Everyone knows that HYIPs are “games” (See HYIP Insights #4 for an article about this); they come and go.  We at EmilyNews always hope that a goodly number of investors will make a profit before an HYIP that we list in our monitor closes.  Ideally, we hope that some investors will come out way ahead.  So, we do our best to provide honest and candid Reviews and also write articles in our HYIP Insights series that we hope will provide the investor with hints which will help him to be successful at this “game.”  Well, unless a person is completely crazy, he will not invest three million dollars in a game that he knows will only last for a short amount of time.  The fact that an HYIP offers investment plans with such high limits leads a person to seriously question the integrity of the administrators of the program.  We wrote an article about this in HYIP Insights #14.  A far more tactful method of specifying a high upper investment limit is to simply say that it is “unlimited.”  A number of HYIPs use that approach.

With this as an introduction, let’s first see how long it takes each of these investment plans to break even.  This is easy to do.  You simply divide 100% by the daily gross interest that the plan pays.  For example, for the Dynamic Cloud Mining plan, you divide 100% by 2.64% to get around 38 days.  If you do the same arithmetic for the other two plans, you get:

Dynamic Cloud Mining.   Break even = 38 days
Bare Metal Simplified.  Break even = 29 days
AISC Mining.  Break even = 22 days

Next, let’s take a look at the average daily net interest (DNI) that each of these investment plans pays over the term of the plan.  As we have indicated many times in past Reviews and HYIP Insights articles, DNI is the best indicator of the profitability of an investment plan — as well as a strong indicator of the probability for long term survival of the overall program.

We will determine the DNI for the Dynamic Cloud Mining investment plan first.  In order to do this, you first determine the total gross interest paid by the plan which is simply the daily gross interest times the number of days in the plan.  For this plan it comes out to 158.4% (2.44 x 60).  Since this percent includes your initial investment, you must next subtract 100% to get the total net interest paid by the plan which, in this case, will be 58.4%.  Finally, dividing this by 60, the number of days in the investment plan, you get the DNI.  In this case it comes out to 0.97%.

If you do the same arithmetic for the other two plans, you get the following results:

Dynamic Cloud Mining.   DNI = 0.97%
Bare Metal Simplified.  DNI = 1.00%
AISC Mining.  DNI = 1.84%

Looking at these results for DNI very quickly, you see that the DNI for the first two programs is essentially the same.  So, they are equally profitable.  On the other hand, the DNI for the third plan is getting close to being twice as much as the DNIs for the first two plans.  So, it is nearly twice as profitable as they are.

It is easy to see that there are a few mysteries buried beneath the information that the website gives about these three Splitt investment plans.  And, this is what we’ll discuss in Part 2 of this Review which will be available here in our Blog within the next day or two.  Please stand by…


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