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In Part 1 of this Review (that you can read here), we presented the three Splitt investment plans and determined their break even points and DNIs.  I’m going to repeat all that information here so you won’t have to refer back to Part 1 when you read this.

Dynamic Cloud Mining
2.64% daily for 60 days
.001 – 25 BTC
($6.5 – $162,500)
Break even = 38 days
DNI = 0.97%

Bare Metal Simplified
3.5% daily for 40 days
.025 – 50 BTC
($162.5 – $325,000)
Break even = 29 days
DNI = 1.00%

AISC Mining
4.7% daily for 35 days
.5 – 500 BTC
($3,250 – $3,250,000)
Break even = 22 days
DNI = 1.84%

In Part 1 of the Review, we already pointed out the unusually high maximum investment limits.  There is really nothing wrong with this.  But, it is a bit silly for the administrators of this program to mention such high limits as the wise HYIP investor would certainly not put that much money into ANY online investment program.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the DNIs for the various investment plans.  The most interesting thing is that the first two plans have the same DNI (0.97% and 1.00%).  So, on the average, over the length of either investment plan, the investor makes 1% profit per day.  So, which investment plan should the investor choose?  The answer is that, if you can afford the $162 minimum investment, the second plan (the Bare Metal Simplified plan) is definitely better.  The plan is only 40 days long rather than 60 and you break even in 29 days rather than 38.  In short, there is much less risk involved while your daily profit is exactly the same.  Of course, you stop earning after 40 days rather than 60.  However, when the 40 days is up, that’s when you would evaluate the program and, if you think it can survive for another 40 days (actually only 29 because that’s when you will break even), you simply invest in the plan again.

To me it looks like the folks at Splitt didn’t do their homework when they set up these two plans.  Generally speaking, when an HYIP asks for a higher minimum investment, it will pay a higher daily profit.  Splitt does NOT do this.  This is the danger of only looking at the gross daily interest that an investment plan pays.  It is by no means an accurate indicator of profit!  The length of the investment plan must also be factored into the equation.  This is why it is SO important to determine the DNI for every investment plan that you might be considering as a personal investment platform.

Depending on the investor, a DNI of 1% might or might not be a satisfactory return.  This equates to 7% per week which will probably be more than enough to keep the conservative investor happy.  The investor looking for greater returns might want to consider the third Splitt investment plan.

This plan has a DNI of 1.84%, almost twice as much as the DNIs for the first two plans.  So, with a weekly profit of almost 13%, this plan would probably be the type of opportunity that the more adventuresome investor would be interested in.  The problem is that this plan has a hefty minimum investment of around $3,250.  Very few people will be willing to invest this much in an online HYIP.  So, this investment plan will be used very little, if at all.

If you put all this together, the picture will be that almost all investors will put their money into the first two investment plans.  Since the DNI for these plans is only 1%, according to HYIP Insights #12, the outlook for long term survival of the overall program will be pretty good.  Even if a few investors opt for the higher yield third plan with a DNI of 1.84%, it should not place too great a burden on the program such that it will have a great deal of difficulty making interest payments.


Splitt has three investment plans.  The first two offer modest returns and are equal in profitability. Because the second plan has a much shorter term (and, therefore, lower risk) than the first, it would appear to be the best of the two.  The third plan is much more profitable than the first two but requires a rather high initial investment.  So, probably few, if any, investors will take advantage of it.  The important result of all this is that the overall program has a better than average chance for long term survivability than most HYIPs because it will primarily be paying interest returns at a relatively low rate (to investors in the first two plans).


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