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The SonicTrade Investment Plans.

In our “First Thoughts” article about SonicTrade (that you can read here), we summarized their investment plans as follows:

SonicTrade offers three investment plans with gross daily returns of 10%, 12%, and 14%.  The plans run for 14 days (2 weeks), 21 days (3 weeks), and 28 days (4 weeks) respectively.  All of the three plans return your investment as part of your earnings.  The minimum investment for the 2 Week plan is only .001 BTC.  But, there is a big jump to the minimum investments for the 3 and 4 Week plans, these being 1.001 and 5.001 BTC respectively.

I’m going to give the three investment plans names corresponding to the number of weeks in each plan.  In tabular form, here’s how the three plans look:

2 Week
10% daily for 14 days
.001 – 1 BTC

3 Week
12% daily for 21 days
1.001 – 5 BTC

4 Week
14% daily for 28 days
5.001– 50 BTC

Remember that for all of the investment plans, your investment is included in your earnings.

Analysis of the SonicTrade Investment Plans.

What we will do in this section of the Review is to gather background information on the investment plans.  In the next section, we will take a close look at this information in an effort to determine the pros and cons of the program.

First, let’s determine how long it takes each of the three investment plans to break even.  To do this, you simply divide 100% by the daily gross interest the plan pays.  For the 2 Week plan, dividing 100% by 10%, you get that the plan breaks even in exactly 10 days.  If you do this same arithmetic for the 3 and 4 Week plans, you get the following results:

2 Week     10 days
3 Week     9 days
4 Week     8 days

The other piece of background information that we need is the average daily net interest (DNI) that a plan pays over its lifetime.  Net interest means profit.  In all investment plans, you aren’t making any profit until you break even.  After that, EVERYTHING you earn is profit.  DNI averages this profit out over the entire length of an investment plan.  By comparing the DNIs of different investment plans, you can learn a lot.

For the 2 Week plan, you earn a daily gross interest of 10% for 14 days.  So, for the entire period, you earn a total gross interest of 140% (14 x 10).  Since this return includes your investment, you must subtract 100% to get your total net interest.  In this case it comes out to 40%.  Finally, dividing this by 14, the number of days in the plan, you get a DNI of 2.86%

Doing the same calculation for the 3 and 4 Week plans, you come up with the following results:

2 Week     2.86%
3 Week     7.24%
4 Week     10.43%


As we already pointed out in the First Thoughts article, at 1.001 and 5.001 BTC, the minimum investments for the 3 and 4-week investment plans are rather high.  One BTC is presently equal to around $7,500 and 5 BTC equals around $37,500.  So, it is unlikely that these plans will be used very much, if at all, because these amounts will be beyond the reach of most online investors.  In fact, our recommendation at EmilyNews is NOT to invest large amounts of money in ANY high yield investment program.  The reason is simply that the information provided in the typical HYIP website does not provide adequate proof of the existence of a company or of its financial performance.  The fact that these plans will probably not be used is a blessing in disguise for SonicTrade as we shall see shortly.

But, before getting into that, let’s take a look at what we found out concerning breakeven points.  An advantage of investment plans such as these, where you receive a rather high daily return, is that you quickly recover your investment.  In the 2 Week plan, for example, you are recovering your investment at the rate of 10% per day.  This is very fast.  In only a week, you recover 70% of your investment.  In general, high interest programs are usually risky.  But, the flip side of the coin is that you recover your investment quickly.  Compare this to a more conservative investment plan that pays you, say, 2% daily.  In that case, it will take you 50 days to break even and your investment will be at risk for a long time.

In HYIP Insights #12 (that you can read here), we suggested that programs with investment plans having DNIs higher than 2% might have a poor chance of surviving in the long term.  Well, let’s look again at the 3 and 4 Week plans with DNIs of 7.24% and 10.43% respectively.  Compared to the 2% recommendation, these DNIs are off-the-chart and it would appear that SonicTrade might be in trouble in-so-far-as long-term survival is concerned.  However, here’s where the high minimum investments for these two plans actually save the day because, while these plans might still be on the books, they will probably never even be used.  So, SonicTrade will not be burdened by the obligation to pay interest at these high rates.  If, on rare occasions, someone does sign up for the 3 Week plan, the program might be able to handle it.

But, we should mention the 2 Week plan because, at 2.86%, the DNI for this investment plan is still a little bit high.  However, it is certainly not off-the-chart and the investor can only hope that the administrators of the program have planned wisely such that they will be able to sustain interest payments at this level.

It is worth noting that, even though the 2 Week investment plan is the least profitable of the three plans (has the lowest DNI), is still is an extremely lucrative plan.  A DNI of 2.86% equates to a profit of almost exactly 20% per week (2.86 x 7).  Anyone should be more than happy with a return of this magnitude!


SonicTrade is a very lucrative investment program.  Even though its two highest interest programs are out of reach of the typical online investor, the lowest of its three investment plans still offers a more than satisfactory return.  In fact, this return is so high that there might even be questions about the long-term survivability of the overall program.  As we indicated above, we would hope that the administrators of the program have anticipated this problem and have planned accordingly.  An attractive feature of the shortest-term investment plan is that the short term puts a person’s investment at risk for a minimal length of time.


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