An Industry First?

Splitt (reviewed here) just announced that it is now possible to withdraw your earnings from them by means of over 60 different coins.  For example, earnings from your BTC deposit may now be withdrawn in LTC, ETH, or a host of other coins.  So, you might say that Splitt serves as BOTH an investment platform AND a cryptocurrency exchange — all it one package.  As far as I know, no other HYIP has offered this service before.  Splitt DOES charge you a fee for doing this.  I haven’t checked; but, let’s hope it’s comparable to what conventional exchange sites charge.

We only reviewed the Splitt program a little over a week or so ago.  In case you’ve forgotten, the strong point of the program is that the interest rates it offers provide a satisfactory level of profitability while also staying within sensible limits such that the program would seem to have a good chance of being a long-term survivor.  Please read the Review for further details.

Here’s the Splitt announcement:

New Cryptocurrencies Withdrawal Options 

It is with great pride to inform you that effective today, 23 July 2018, withdrawals can now be done to the cryptocurrency of your choice with over 60 available coins. (Example:  Deposit by BTC then withdraw through XRP).

Due to Coins Exchange and Conversion, minimum balance required for the withdrawal (coins other than BTC) will be reflected on the Withdrawal screen as a guide and ready reference. It will also take a few minutes until hour for other withdrawals than BTC!

Interchange deposits and withdrawals with your favorite coins then sit back to watch them grow.

* Be it noted that this type of withdrawal will involve minimal exchange fee. *

Nevertheless, this facility will now provide you flexible access to 60 coins to cater to your cryptocurrency needs with incredible ease.

Stay tuned as Splitt has more fun, prizes and surprises in store for you.

Splitt Team continues its mission to make Financial Freedom for all – not only a dream – but a Reality!

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The Splitt team


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