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Have you noticed that, in recent weeks, CryptoLux (reviewed here) has been featured in our News Commentaries quite a lot?  It seems that they always have news to tell!  CryptoLux appears to be one of the few programs that understands why this is a very smart move.  Why is it smart?  News Commentaries that appear in our Blog are FREE ADVERTISING!  The more that an HYIP is featured in the Blog of a monitor such as EmilyNews, the more that potential investors will become aware of the program (and, if they have forgotten about it, they will be reminded!) Of course, it also makes sense to tell readers what’s new with a company.  However, simply making a company’s presence known might even be the greater benefit.

We already pointed this out in our daily “News Updates.” However, it is worth repeating that CryptoLux recently upgraded their listing in the EmilyNews Monitor to “Sticky Diamond.”  This is our most expensive listing and, in general, programs that make this financial commitment, usually are also making a commitment to remain online for a longer than the average length of time.  We have been monitoring CryptoLux for around three months and they have been online for around four months.  So, they are beginning to demonstrate this commitment already.  I might add that it is unusual for a company to upgrade their listing after having been online for this length of time.

So, it appears that CryptoLux is in the hands of administrators that “have their act together.”  Let’s hope that our impressions are correct and that CryptoLux does indeed turn out to be one of the very special HYIPs that are online for a long long time.

We have two pieces of news from CryptoLux.  The first is “inspirational.”

A Good Start to the Week

You can feel it, this week just seems to be good, the prices fit, Bitcoin jumped over the $7700 mark today and it seems to go further.
CryptoLux investments are booming, the trading packages and cold storage packages are running smoothly and the payments are instant and reliable. Until Wednesday, there is still double return for all people and 8% commission if someone recruits a partner who invests in a package.

Lean back, enjoy the week and we will continue to bring you your passive income!
CryptoLux wishes you a wonderful start to the new week!

The second piece of news is very practical.  CryptoLux has added Perfect Money to their list of payment processors.  I hope I have this right.  But, it now looks like you can transact business with CryptoLux using the following methods:

  • AdvCash
  • Perfect Money
  • LTC
  • ETH
  • BTC
  • CLX

Perfect Money Added

Because of high demand and our loyal community, we extended our payment opportunities. We are pleased to announce that from now on you are able to pay with Perfect Money ! Enjoy!

Check our deposit and withdraw tutorial: 

Deposit Video:

Withdraw Video:


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