The CryptoLux “Crypto Trading” Program.

We very briefly introduced the CryptoLux “Crypto Trading” program in our recent “First Thoughts” article as follows:

As the name implies, CryptoLux has its own cryptocurrency trading system.  It uses a “trading bot that generates a passive income/profit up to 45% each month.  Our trading platform represents the perfect opportunity for users that don’t have the opportunity to trade on their own.”  It looks like your daily earnings depend on both the size of your investment as well as on your rank in their referral program.  There are eight different ranks, the two or three highest ranks requiring very high minimum investments.  A quick look at the daily returns for the different ranks indicates that they are fairly modest but still lucrative enough to be attractive to the HYIP investor.  They also look as though they are in a range wherein you could expect the overall program to be a long-term survivor.

Before I elaborate on all this, there is one more piece of information that applies to all ranks of the Crypto Trading program.  This is that the term of your investment ends when you have received a gross return of 150%.  This, of course, implies a profit (or net return) of 50%.  So, for higher ranks in this program, you will reach the 150% target faster than for lower ranks.

Following, I am repeating a chart from the “White Paper” in the website that gives the “Interest” or daily return for each rank of the investment program, the “ROI,” and the “Running Out.”  The last two terms require more information.  The “ROI” is the number of days for an investment at a certain rank to break even.  You can determine this by dividing 100% by the gross daily return for the rank.  For example, for the “Platinum” rank, if you divide 100% by 1.35%, you get 74.07 which is roughly equal to 74 days, the value in the chart.  The “Running Out” is the length of time it takes the rank to reach the gross return of 150%.  Again, looking at the Platinum” rank, if you divide 150% by 1.35%, you get 111.11 or approximately 111 days, the value in the chart.  Here is the chart:

Rank                Interest            ROI      Running Out

Bronze             1.16%              86        129
Silver               1.25%              80        120
Gold                 1.31%              76        114
Platinum          1.35%              74        111
Sapphire          1.39%              72        108
Emerald          1.42%              70        105
Ruby                1.45%              69        103
Diamond         1.49%              67        101

So, as you would expect. The higher the interest that is paid, the quicker you will break even (ROI), and the quicker the program will end for you (Running Out).

By the way, ROI usually stands for “Return on Investment” — the gross amount that is returned to you at the end of an investment plan.  CryptoLux uses it to mean the number of days it takes you to get your investment returned.  I’m not sure which meaning of the term is right.  I’m not an accountant — just a confused investor.

The next question, of course, is “What are the qualifications for each rank?”  The answer is also in the “White Paper.”  But, perhaps like calling the days to break even the “ROI,” it is a little bit obscured.  Following is the information from the “Referral” section of the White Paper.

Personal Deposit = 0
Sales = 0
Bonus = 0

Personal Deposit = $50
Sales = $1,000
Bonus = $50

Personal Deposit = $50
Sales = $5,000
Bonus = $200

Personal Deposit = $250
Sales = $30,000
Bonus = $1,000

Personal Deposit = $1,000
Sales = $100,000
Bonus = $5,000
Plus two Platinum in your first referral line

Personal Deposit = $2,500
Sales = $250,000
Bonus = $15,000
Plus two Sapphire in your first referral line

Personal Deposit = $10,000
Sales = $750,000
Bonus = $45,000
Plus two Emerald in your first referral line

Personal Deposit = $20,000
Sales = $1,500,000
Bonus = $80,000
Plus two Ruby in your first referral line

I checked with the CryptoLux chat agent and she indicated that “Sales” refers to the amount of money deposited into the program by people that you personally refer — the first level of your downline.   She also indicated that the bonus is awarded to you after you qualify for a certain rank with the minimum Personal Deposit and Sales.  It seems like a form of rebate to me.  What distinguishes this program from many other HYIPs is that the requirements for a higher rank — and higher interest returns — depend heavily on your success as a recruiter.  Usually, this is not a factor at all.  Usually, the more that you invest, the higher the interest return that you receive.

It took me a while to digest all of this.  First you have to separate the “Crypto Trading” information from all the other information on the website dealing with the CryptoLux CLX coin.  Then you have to decode some of the information about the Crypto Trading program itself.  But, after you do this, the program is really pretty simple.  And, that’s what we have accomplished here.  But, to keep the length of this review under control, I think I will stop here.  In Part 2, we’ll look at the pros and cons of Crypto Trading investment program in detail.  I think that we will get to this is the next day or two.  Please stand by…


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