Analysis of the CryptoLux “Crypto Trading” Program.

In Part 1 of this review, all we really accomplished was to nail down the information behind how the CryptoLux Crypto Trading program works.  Here’s a summary of what we found out for the eights ranks of this investment program:

Daily Interest = 1.16% for 129 days (you reach 50% profit in this length of time)
Break Even = 86 days
Personal Deposit = 0
Sales = 0
Bonus = 0

1.25% for 120 days
Break even in 80 days
Personal Deposit = $50
Sales = $1,000
Bonus = $50

1.31% for 114 days
Break even in 76 days
Personal Deposit = $50
Sales = $5,000
Bonus = $200

1.35% for 111 days
Break even in 74 days
Personal Deposit = $250
Sales = $30,000
Bonus = $1,000

1.39% for 108 days
Break even in 72 days
Personal Deposit = $1,000
Sales = $100,000
Bonus = $5,000
Plus two Platinum in your first referral line

1.42% for 105 days
Break even in 70 days
Personal Deposit = $2,500
Sales = $250,000
Bonus = $15,000
Plus two Sapphire in your first referral line

1.45% for 103 days
Break even in 69 days
Personal Deposit = $10,000
Sales = $750,000
Bonus = $45,000
Plus two Emerald in your first referral line

1.49% for 101 days
Break even in 67 days
Personal Deposit = $20,000
Sales = $1,500,000
Bonus = $80,000
Plus two Ruby in your first referral line

There are a few interesting things about this investment program.  First, we are referring to different “ranks” in the program, each one having its own interest rate, minimum deposit, etc.  Normally, we would call each of these “ranks” one of the investment “plans” of the overall “program.”  This is just an issue of terminology.  Just remember that, wherever you see the word “rank,” you could substitute the word “plan” to make this review more consistent with previous ones.  I’m sticking with “rank” because that’s what CryptoLux uses.  Second, the Bronze rank is unusual as there is NO minimum investment.  In fact, when you sign up for this program, CryptoLux GIVES you a $5 investment that instantly begins to earn you 1.16% interest per day.  For $5, this comes to $0.06 per day (5 x .0116).  So, any investment at all will earn you this rate of interest.  Third, and on the other side of the spectrum, the top two ranks, the Ruby and Diamond ranks, will probably be beyond the reach of almost all online investors with their high minimum investments of $10,000 and $20,000 respectively.  Fourth and final, you must remember that there are TWO requirements for earning at a particular rank: the minimum investment PLUS a certain level of sales in the first level of your downline.  Even the Silver rank, the next to the lowest rank, requires $1,000 in sales.  For the investor that is not interested in recruiting at all, this could be a serious roadblock, especially because the minimum personal deposit required is only $50.  It may, indeed, work out that these requirements for sales in an investor’s downline may seriously limit access to the higher interest ranks to a relatively small percentage of CryptpLux’s investors.

OK, with these points taken care of, let’s see how profitable investing in the CryptoLux Crypto Trading program is — as well as what the chances for long term survival of the program are.  We will do this by determining the daily net interest (DNI) paid by the different ranks of the program.  All of the ranks pay you 50% profit over the total length of the plan (what CryptoLux referred to as the “Running Out” time of a plan).  For the Bronze rank, you earn the 50% profit (or total net interest) in 129 days.  So, dividing 50% by 129 days, you average the profit out over the entire length of the plan to get a daily net interest, or DNI, which in this case turns out to be 0.39%.  If you do the same arithmetic for all of the eight ranks, you will get the following results for DNI:

Bronze.  0.39%
Silver.  0.42%
Gold.  0.44%
Platinum.  0.45%
Sapphire.  0.46%
Emerald.  0.48%
Ruby.  0.49%
Diamond.  0.50%

All of these DNIs are quite low.  It is rare for an HYIP to have the DNIs for ALL of its investment plans be ½ percent or less.  For example, using the DNI of 0.45% for the Platinum rank, and multiplying it by seven, you see that an investor in this rank receives an average of 3.15% profit per week over the length of the plan.  By HYIP standards, this is low.  However, the flip side of the coin is that low returns such as this will be extremely helpful to the program as far as long-term survival is concerned.


The CryptoLux Crypto Trading program offers eight investment plans — or ranks.  The higher interest plans have very high minimum investment values that will probably put them out of the reach of almost all investors.  Almost all the plans require not only a certain minimum investment, they also require a certain minimum “sales” in the first level of your downline.  These sales requirements are high enough that any investor that is not a serious recruiter might be locked out of ALL the Crypto Trading investment plans except for the Bronze plan that has no sales requirement.  The result is that most CryptoLux investors will be receiving returns of 1.16% (for the Bronze rank) or, possibly, 1.25% (for the Silver rank).  I might be wrong, but I suspect that few investors will make adequate sales to qualify for higher ranks.  The result of this will be low interest payments for most CryptoLux investors (DNIs around 0.40%) but, on the other hand, a high probability for long-term survival of the overall program.

I hope this information is helpful.  Good Luck!


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