Henbbo Ventures platform (reviewed here) offered a bonuses up to 11% of deposit on balance. Pay your attention to the timeline, because it is valid until 13:00 GMT May 25 (which is today). I have already heard from several investors in the past who have missed such bonuses that the current schedule must be at least one day longer to be able to join. Maybe next time the platform administrators will increase the time to join.

Based on different users’ comments it’s highly recommended to use DAILY plans only to be always able withdrawing accruals everyday, thus to control your workflow with this platform.

Here’s the full announcement:


📊According to a survey by Bloomberg May 8 – 12, investors will prefer bitcoin to dollar as a means of saving capital in case of default on U.S. national debt. According to the majority of interrogated respondents in the conditions of economic crisis the reliability of cryptocurrencies, from the point of view of capital saving, is second only to gold.

👥At the same time, more than 55% of respondents said that even the approach to the default has a strong negative impact on the dollar as the global world currency. Another 13.6% of respondents said that a significant damage to the U.S. national currency has already been done and it can only grow further. Recall that earlier the U.S. Treasury Department sent out a letter with a warning that the default is possible on June 1. There was also sounded an appeal to Congress to take urgent measures to prevent such a negative scenario.

🛡Given this situation, the Henbbo Foundation recommends its investors and partners to allocate their own assets wisely, and to multiply them with the help of our investment platform.

🎁So that you can get even more profits, Henbbo fund gives each investor an additional bonus to his balance. The promotional offer is valid for all plans. Conditions for participation in the promotion – make a deposit on: – Classic plans – get + 2.2% from deposit on your balance – Premium plans – get +4.5% from deposit on your balance – Deluxe plans – get +6.7% from deposit on your balance – Long plans – get + 11% from deposit on your balance

💰The bonus is added to the investor’s balance in personal cabinet and is available for withdrawal right away.

📆The promotion is valid until 13:00 GMT May 25.

💲Henbbo – smart investment will change your life!

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