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Henbbo Ventures – Review Part 1

Today we need to continue with Henbbo Ventures – a Diamond listing platform which has been working for 16 days already and during the last 8 days it has been activate on EN monitor.

We have mentioned it in previous “First Thoughts” article, so before doing deeper in plans, let me remind you few things from that article:

Next thing we have to mention is Henbbo Ventures investment plans. Here we go:


1.65% (daily)

MIN-MAX: 15$ – 2900$, WORKING DAYS: 14

145% (after)

MIN-MAX: 700$ – 55000$, WORKING DAYS: 14

10.5% (included)

MIN-MAX: 3000$ – 45000$, WORKING DAYS: 14


2.4% (daily)

MIN-MAX: 1200$ – 55000$, WORKING DAYS: 28

240% (after)

MIN-MAX: 1100$ – 75000$, WORKING DAYS: 28

12.4% (included)

MIN-MAX: 4500$ – 65000$, WORKING DAYS: 28


3.7% (daily)

MIN-MAX: 1800$ – 280000$, WORKING DAYS: 55

450% (after)

MIN-MAX: 1600$ – 300000$, WORKING DAYS: 55

15.5% (included)

MIN-MAX: 5500$ – 260000$, WORKING DAYS: 55


1400% (after)

MIN-MAX: 50$ – 50000$, WORKING DAYS: 75

2100% (after)

MIN-MAX: 80$ – 90000$, WORKING DAYS: 99

6000% (after)

MIN-MAX: 200$ – 500000$, WORKING DAYS: 225

So we see a wide range of different investment offers / options from this platform and as it happens very often, there is no problem to say right now, which of these options will be used by 85% – 90% (majority) of members, at least during the first few cycles ..

After several cycles and more trust, around 20%-25% of investors would probably go trying other plans. All this is my subjective opinion – so do not take it for granted.

To bring a bit wider picture of the details of offered investment options let’s take into considiration all 3 daily term plans from different blocks: 1.65% (daily for 14 days), 2.4% (daily for 28 days), 3.7% (daily for 55 days).

! Notice that all of the plans work on Working days (Monday-Friday). That is why we do need to convert business days to calendar days by multiplying the number of business days by 30/22 conversion factor. If you do so, you get: 1.65% (daily for ~19 days), 2.4% (daily for ~38 days), 3.7% (daily for 75 days).

Below is the tab for these daily plans:

  •                          1.65% daily           2.4% daily          3.7% daily
  • Break Even       19 days                     38 days             27 days
  • Net Profit         23.1%                        67.2%               203.5%
  • Total Roi          123.1%                     167.2%              303.5%

Ok, now what is the DNI for them, you may ask.. (To understand what DNI is – read EN Hyip Insights article #12 Part 3 and Part 4, that will help you, if you are new to investing)

  •                         1.65% daily           2.4% daily           3.7% daily
  • DNI                 1,21 – MEDIUM     1.76 – MEDIUM    7.53 – HIGH

Let’s see how these plans will “play out” for investors in the mid and hopefully long term too.

*And YES – i do understand that most of you ( based on your private emails and messages in Twitter, FB, that you keep sending to me almost every working day and weekend, really want a ready “premium class” project to come and to work for a long time with stable payments ). Whether this platform will be such a kind of one or another, we cannot say for sure, until some period of time is passed by. We will see.. 🙂

That’s good for now. Hopefully it was rather informative and saved your time so you can better understand the concept of daily Henbbo Ventures plans. Do not forget that  Part 2 is coming soon. There we will check terms, rules and additional information.

Check other news for today and Please stand by..


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6 thoughts on “Henbbo Ventures – Review Part 1

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    I was paid some referral commissions very quick as well 🙂

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