As some of you could see, Avenue7 platform (TRIAL listing) has announced the important change of their investment plan which earlier was 3.5% for 40 days (Principal included). A week ago they diclared to continue with the new one with Principal Back and shorter term, which can be more attractive for some sort of investors.

*At the moment they have been working with it already for more than a week so hopefully this change was not one of the those when the new plan/s is announced to be implemented and after day or two the platform is gone..

Here’s the update:

News about the company. The test period is complete. A new offer for our partners.

Dear partners!

Today the test period of our platform Avenue7 has come to an end. During this time the system has undergone dramatic changes and our team picked up its style of execution and thus adjusted the strategy of work.

Our traders’ new software facilitates instant response to a successful short-term trade signal. Thanks to the improved software our company’s income has almost tripled! Thousands of short-term deals are made daily on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Our company planned to increase the income during the test period of our platform, but the results exceed all expectations. We have recalculated our investment offer based on the results of the current year and based on our company’s development plan we have developed a new offer for our partners with guaranteed income.

We offer 3.5% daily for 15 days and return of principal.

New offer is available for deposits opened from now on. Deposits opened during the test period will remain on the same terms until the expiration date.

We are proud to present our renewed financial management service with a GUARANTEED PROFIT. Our large team has been coming to this stage for a long time and it’s finally happening! Join us and let’s conquer new heights together!

Sincerely and lovingly, the Avenue7 team.

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