Few days ago you’ve read the “First Thoughts” article on AudaxTrading – one of the programs that entered SILVER listing 7 days ago (at the moment of writing). You may remember some details of platform’s investment offer:

And now we have to look at the plans, don’t we? 🙂

Plan – 1

3 % Daily for 20 days

Term of deposit: 20 days, Minimum deposit: $30, Maximum deposit: $50 000, Capital : Return, Total income: 60 %

Plan – 2

180 % After 7 calendar days

Term of deposit: 7 days, Minimum deposit: $1500, Maximum deposit: $50 000, Capital : Included, Total income: 180 %

Plan – 3

300 % After 4 calendar days

Term of deposit: 4 days, Minimum deposit: $2500, Maximum deposit: $50 000, Capital : Included, Total income: 300 %

As you see the first plan must return your initial deposit BACK after 20 days with daily profit of 3% (60% total) and two other plans are “AFTER” plans where your deposit is included in Total income.

It’s rather clear that 90% of investors start join the first plan at the moment.. And probably this plan will always be the most popular at this platform, based on my experience (from past) and opinion of investors that i usually talk in private.

Now let’s get down to the first (3% Daily for 20 days) plan in details…

At first, as you see, we have daily (calendar-days) plan, so we do not need a conversion factor of 30/22 (calendar days/business days) here.

The Break Even point here, which is the same like in usual “Principal Back” plans. You break even exactly at the end of the plan after you get your deposit back in 20 calendar days.

Your Net Profit will be (3% x 20 days) = 60%.  

Your Total Return On Investment (ROI = Total Net Interest + Principal Back) is 160% (60% + 100%).

Now it’s time to check a DNI (Daily Net Interest) level. It must show us whether we can consider AudaxTrading (plan – 1) as a LOW, MEDIUM or a HIGH interest one. (For all newcomers – please read EN HYIP Insights article #12 Part 3 and Part 4, then you will be able to understand a DNI analysis much better..)

If you divide your Net Profit (60%) by 20 calendar days of this investment plan, you will get BACK our daily return (as it usually happens in “Principal Back” plans), the DNI is 3%. Therefore we can consider it as a MEDIUM interest plan. To say better 3% is the exact borderline between MEDIUM and HIGH DNI levels of profitability.

*I think, that stable performance over several cycles and increased popularity / credibility as a result can be the reason why some investors may start joining other plans too. But you know that Two “After” plans are (as always) more suitable for adventurous investor who can afford such a risk / reward ratio to get 180% and 300% total profit in several days.

By the way, you can check and use a simple online calculator on the website home page to help yourself better navigate over these plans. This is a helpful feature indeed in my personal and humble opinion.

Well done, now you can see how one of AudaxTrading investment plans works exactly. In the second part of this review, we will provide more details, features and terms of use…

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