This is one of the latest news from the list of Henbbo Ventures platform (reviewed here) . It’s all about financial sphere of Brazil and opinion towards cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin in a particular. Step by step, country by country some try to block these innovative technologies and some move forward together with them and all this divides the world in two camps.

Yes, i know that EN readers are from different sides and come here from both countries with crypto restrictions and countries partly allowing crypto and blockchain, but that’s exactly the reason, i think, mostly it’s a useful article for everyone.

Let’s get it:


Brazil is one of the few countries in Latin America where cryptocurrencies have not yet found sufficient support from the government. But it seems that the situation here is changing for the better especially for investors.
The other day, the Governor of the Central Bank of Brazil, Fabio Araujo, made an official statement in which he admitted that bitcoin can be called a progressive financial innovation, because it has become a catalyst to accelerate the work of central banks in exploring the potential of national digital currencies (CBDC). 
Araujo acknowledged that the worldwide adoption of bitcoin has forced the Brazilian Central Bank over the past 10 years not only to study it as an asset, but also to work through the possibilities of this innovative technology to send funds via blockchain.
According to him, blockchain, as a transaction processing technology, will contribute to the digitalization of the country’s payment sector in the near future. In addition, Brazil’s financial regulator is also exploring the use of the Web 3.0 concept to create retail-oriented services in the near future.
These statements have been very positively received by the crypto community, and at the moment key players are already considering several options to enter the Brazilian markets. Henbbo Foundation is also actively involved in this process and has already outlined an expansion of its Latin American segment.
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