When you invest your hard-earned money online (or anywhere else), you will probably want to know about two pieces of information:

  • The reputation of the company that is offering the investment opportunity and
  • The investment plan itself, including such items as the length of the plan and the interest it pays.

Concerning Item #1, a while back we wrote an in-depth HYIP Insights article (that you can read here) which provides a number of clues to understanding the “company” behind an online investment plan.  However, the experienced HYIP investor knows that probably 95% of these companies will close their doors in less than a year — sometimes a LOT less.  The dilemma is to try to determine just how long this might be.  My opinion is that this not only depends on the “clues” in the HYIP Insights article I just referred to, it also depends on the CHARACTER of the admin running the program.  Is he just trying to make a “fast buck” or is he planning to play the “game” (see HYIP Insights #4 here for a discussion of the HYIP “game”) fairly such that both the program and a goodly number of investors come out ahead.

Concerning Item #2, when we review a program that is listed in the Emily News monitor, we always make a detailed analysis of the investment plans it offers.  In fact, this is a FEATURE of Emily News that you won’t find elsewhere.  We will typically determine the effective daily net interest (DNI) an investment plan offers and relate this back to HYIP Insights #12 (that you can read here) which makes suggestions of DNIs that are characteristic of plans that are or are not apt to be sustainable in the long run.  We also point out investment plans that have high minimum investments and offer returns that we feel are absurdly high and will be completely unsustainable.  This takes us back to Item #1 and the “character” of the admin.  Is he in the business simply to catch a big fish — after which he will run away with the cash box (please see HYIP Insights #14 here for more information about this)?

I realize that this article doesn’t give you all the information you need in order to make foolproof investments in the HYIP world.  No one has this information!  It is more of a reminder that, before investing, you should always:

  • Try to learn about the company offering the investment plan — as well as the character of the admin running it.
  • And to thoroughly understand the math behind the plan.

You have probably also noticed that, in what I just wrote, I referred back to a number of past HYIP Insights articles.  These articles are timeless; they never grow old.  If you browse through them (do it here), you will find that, with few exceptions, most of them are devoted to understanding the two issues I am discussing here.  So, refer to them often.  In this “game,” nothing is for sure and the unexpected can happen very often.  In fact, this is part of the appeal of HYIP investing.  However, we DO want you to come out ahead of the game.  And, the purpose of these HYIP Insights articles is to help you do just that.  Good Luck!

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