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Today we continue looking into MedTech platform. You may remember the first Part of its review (here) where we made some math to check and better understand investment plans.

Short reminder of that part:

Let’s continue and take the first daily plan (5% Daily Forever) for our example to look into..

We do not need a conversion factor of 30/22 (calendar days/business days) here, because all of the plans work without days off.

To know when you Break Even you have to divide 100% by the 5% daily earning and thus you get 20 days exactly. Meaning – after 20 days, every next day on this platform you must earn your Net Profit already. 

In “Forever” plans it’s always impossible to calculate exact amounts of Net Profit, Total Gross Interest and DNI (Daily Net Interest) investors are going to have. That’s is why we calculate on the terms of probabilities and not certainties.

Let’s calculate it with a different number of days:

  • Assumed lifetime                 Net profit                  Total Return
  • 25 days                                  25%                             125%
  • 45 days                                  125%                           225%
  • 85 days                                  425%                           325%

The same thing we can do with the DNI (If you are not familiar what DNI is – read EN Hyip Insights article #12 Part 3 and Part 4). We have to divide our Net Profit by the number of assumed lifetime days:

  • Assumed lifetime                 DNI                 
  • 25 days                                  1%                       
  • 45 days                                  ~2.77%                          
  • 85 days                                  ~5%  

As you see the more days and cycles MedTech stays and paying – the more profit every participant make and the bigger DNI we have..

By the way, at the moment MedTech is monitored for 20 days on EN. Moreover its lifespan is already 824 days including “sleeping” mode at the beginning. I am sure you agree with me that this is a very good result among platforms with any investment offers.. Very rare platforms can achieve that – so I think Medtech could very soon become one of the best investment platforms, if it continues to work stable with all the clients who have already invested and those who will invest small, medium and large investment amounts in it..

Now let’s clarify the main terms and rules:

Do you accept clients from any country?
Yes, we accept clients from any place in the world without exception.
How many accounts can I register?
You can register as many accounts as you want. However, all accounts must have different usernames, passwords, and email addresses.
Do you require account verification? Do I need to send any documents?
No, we do not require any verification documents confirming the identity, address or origin of your funds.
How can I protect my account from hacking?
We place great emphasis on the safety of our members, and you don’t need to worry about account security. Each account has individual protection against hacking and password guessing: after 5 wrong login attempts your account will be locked. Unlocking is possible only through your email address. We recommend using “Security Settings” as additional protection for your account.
How much investment can I make in a day or a month?
You can make as many investments as you want. We don’t have such restrictions.
Do you charge any fee for providing your investment services?
No, we don’t charge any fees. The profit we receive from our overall investments is enough for us. We don’t need to charge any fees for transactions, however, payment processors may charge you with receiving fees, and we have no control over that.
What payment methods can I use to fund my account?
We operate with cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Ripple, Tron, Stellar and payment system Perfect Money. You can find out where to buy cryptocurrency on this page.
What rate do you use to convert Bitcoin/Ethereum/Litecoin/Dogecoin/Dash/Ripple/Tron/Stellar to USD?
We use a floating rate to convert cryptocurrency to USD. The floating exchange rate allows company managers to better plan and implement financial policies. When making a cryptocurrency transaction using the floating rate mechanism, we offer the best rate on the market. Due to the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market, ever-changing network fees, the floating rate might change any other second. You should always take into account the volatility risks. As the rate may change both in positive and negative ways, you may either get some extra income or less than expected.
Do you accept deposits from Ethereum contract addresses?
We don’t accept deposits from Ethereum contract addresses. If you send such a payment, it won’t be processed. You need to send ETH funds in traditional transactions. Don’t use Wirex, Cryptopay, or to send ETH funds to our Ethereum addresses, please use any of the recommended Ethereum wallets.
When will the first daily earnings be added to my account?
The first daily earnings will be added within the following 24 hours after you’ve invested.
How often can I withdraw funds from my account balance?
You can withdraw money from your account balance at any time and from any device without restrictions. All withdrawals are processed instantly.
What is the minimum and maximum withdrawal amount?
The minimum withdrawal amount is $25 for Bitcoin and Ethereum, $15 for Litecoin, $10 for Dash, $5 for Dogecoin, Ripple, Tron and Stellar, $3 for Perfect Money. There is no maximum limit.
Do you charge a withdrawal fee?
No, we don’t charge any fees. The profit we receive from our overall investments is enough for us. We don’t need to charge any fees for transactions, however, payment processors may charge you with receiving fees, and we have no control over that.
After I make a withdrawal request, when will the funds be available in my e-currency account?
The system works in automatic mode, which means that you are paid immediately after creating the request. Sometimes there may be delays in processing payments up to 24 hours. Please remember that cryptocurrency withdrawals may not appear in your wallet instantly.
Can I invest through one payment method and withdraw to another?
You can withdraw money only through the payment method with which you invested. 

For example, if you invest through Bitcoin, you can withdraw only through Bitcoin. Also, if you receive an affiliate commission through Ethereum, you can withdraw it in the same e-currency.

Do you offer an affiliate program? Can I promote Advanced Medical Technologies?
Yes, we offer a flexible affiliate program for our clients. This is a great way to earn extra money. You can invite people to our investment platform and promote our site using banners, text ads, social networks, messengers, and any other legitimate ways.

To communicate with MedTech team you can use their social links:

Or email –

Well done.. Hopefully both parts of the Review saved your time a little bit and you know much more about MedTech now.. We will keep you informed about all important news and updates… As always, stay positive and see You tomorrow in the next article..


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