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If you remember, few days ago you could read the “First Thoughts” article about MedTech – “GOLD” listing program. We checked the website and some infomation about the platform. We also gave a brief assessment of the investment plans:

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The next step is to look into investment offers:

  • 5% Daily Forever,  with min. deposit – $25, Instant withdrawals
  • 6% Daily Forever,  with min. deposit – $7,500, Instant withdrawals
  • 7% Daily Forever,  with min. deposit – $25,000, Instant withdrawals
  • 8% Daily Forever,  with min. deposit – $75,000, Instant withdrawals

As you can see, all plans are “perpetual“, that is, you invest once in order to receive daily profit for all next days of the platform’s working process.

And YES, I am quite sure that the first plan (5% Daily Forever) will take on board more than 95% of entire number of investors.

Together we could see many programs with “Forever” plans and saw different results from them. Some of them could not run even one cycle and reach even the first BEP (break-even point), while others were able to work for many months and give most investors (especially early ones) the maximum possible profits, sometimes 10 times more than their initial deposits. (*LoanTech is one of the recent examples…)

*Therefore, as always, arm yourself with logic, clear mind and based on that, make your own risk-reward ratio strategy.

Let’s continue and take the first daily plan (5% Daily Forever) for our example to look into..

We do not need a conversion factor of 30/22 (calendar days/business days) here, because all of the plans work without days off.

To know when you Break Even you have to divide 100% by the 5% daily earning and thus you get 20 days exactly. Meaning – after 20 days, every next day on this platform you must earn your Net Profit already. 

In “Forever” plans it’s always impossible to calculate exact amounts of Net Profit, Total Gross Interest and DNI (Daily Net Interest) investors are going to have. That’s is why we calculate on the terms of probabilities and not certainties.

Let’s calculate it with a different number of days:

  • Assumed lifetime                 Net profit                  Total Return
  • 25 days                                  25%                             125%
  • 45 days                                  125%                           225%
  • 85 days                                  425%                           325%

The same thing we can do with the DNI (If you are not familiar what DNI is – read EN Hyip Insights article #12 Part 3 and Part 4). We have to divide our Net Profit by the number of assumed lifetime days:

  • Assumed lifetime                 DNI                 
  • 25 days                                  1%
  • 45 days                                  ~2.77%
  • 85 days                                  ~5%

As you see the more days and cycles MedTech stays and paying – the more profit every participant make and the bigger DNI we have..

So the DNI (Daily Net Interest) results are lying in different ranges – from LOW up to MEDIUM and HIGH interest rates. This type of plans may be interesting to both conservative and adventurous investors as one of the options to diversify investment portfolio…

In Part 2 of the Review we will also pay attention to additional information which will be useful for you no matter whether you’ve joined MedTech or still thinking and searching the right moment.. Please stand by..


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