In our previous Part of Bruxis Review (read here) we checked investment plans and made some calculations to understand the profitability and sustainability of the program. I will remind you below:

For now let’s take Standard plan as our first example.

It would be important to notice that all of the offered plans work on Business days (Monday-Friday) and have “Principal Back” at the end.

Therefore, we need to convert business days to calendar days by multiplying the number of business days by a 30/22 conversion factor. If you do so, you get 28.6 calendar days, which we can round up to 29 days. Well done, now the plan looks much clearer to potential investors and especially to newbies.

On Standard plan (with min. deposit amount) you receive 1% interest per day, the Net Interest that you will receive in the 29 days ( or 21 working day period ) would be 21% (1% x 21 days).  As it often goes with “Principal Back” plans, you Break Even when your deposit is returned to you – at the 29th day – the end of the plan.

Since 21% becomes your Net Interest for the plan, you may have already done a simple math to understand that Your Total Return On Investment (ROI = Total Net Interest + Principal Back) is 121% (21% + 100%). You get it in 29 Calendar days or 21 business days.

Now, let’s check DNI (Daily Net Interest). If you divide 21% by 29 days, you get that the average Daily Net Interest (DNI) for the plan is ~ 0.72%. This means it is a Low interest plan according to our DNI scale (read EN HYIP Insights article #12 Part 3 and Part 4 about it).

Just to get a bit more details of two other most popular plans – check short info below:

  • Base PlanSoftware Plan
  • Break Even            13.6 days (end of plan)                33.3 days
  • Net Interest           8 %                                               435 %
  • Total Interest         108 %                                           535 %
  • DNI                          0.58 %                                            2.2 %

*As we can see – there is a huge difference in percentages but also do not forget that the duration is very different too. Base plan may be more acceptable to conservative investors and Software plan – for the more adventurous.

In this part we must go through some terms and conditions that the platform provides to online investors.. Here are some of the most important of them:

What is your company work schedule?

The finance department is open from Monday to Friday. We do not make interests and payments to investors on weekends. Answers to requests sent to official email may take up to 24 hours on weekdays and up to 48 hours on weekends.

Are there any limitations in cooperation with citizens of USA, Canada, Iraq, Iran?

There are no such restrictions. Regardless of the country of residence and your citizenship, you can use all the opportunities that the company provides. We do not carry out any specific activity that would prohibit the company from working with investors from these countries.

Is it possible to create multiple accounts?

The creation of multiple accounts is prohibited by our company rules. We strongly recommend that you create only one account, otherwise, we will be forced to block all your accounts and freeze funds on them.

What payment systems can I use for account replenishment?

At the moment, investments are accepted through the payment systems Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT. In the future, the list of payment methods can be expanded, if the need and demand from the investors and partners of the company arises.

When will I get my first interest on deposit?

According to the terms of our investment proposal, the first accrual of profit will be carried out 24 hours after the creation of the deposit.

Can an investor close the deposit ahead of schedule and withdraw the invested money?

This possibility is excluded, since the funds you have invested take part in the operating activities of our company. The deposit you open will work strictly according to the terms of the current investment proposal.

What is the minimum deposit amount?

The minimal sum of a deposit is 0.001 BTC / 0.02 ETH / 0.10 LTC / 25.00 USDT / 566.00 TRX.

What is a minimum withdrawal amount?

You can request a withdraw from 0.001 BTC / 0.02 ETH / 0.10 LTC / 15.00 USDT / 125.00 TRX.

Are commissions charged for financial transactions?

The company does not charge any fees for deposit and withdrawal operations, but they may be present from the side of the payment systems that you use. Our company has nothing to do with these commissions, check their availability and amount on the websites of payment systems.

How long will the request to withdraw funds from the personal account to the wallet be processed?

Withdrawal requests from the company’s clients are processed by the financial department in manual mode, after a thorough check. The maximum processing time for a request is 96 hours, with no withdrawals on weekends.

More than that, as far as i can see, Bruxis platform has rather wide Affiliate and Bonuses program which we will try to mention in the following news, updates and articles if needed..

There is another very useful feature that, unfortunately, not all platforms have. This is an internal exchanger where you can transfer funds between Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and USDT (ERC-20) tokens.. Of course, before doing this, I highly recommend checking the fees for such transactions .. And yet this function can be a very good option for some members ..

Before the end of the article, I include a PDF presentation by Bruxis, which may give some of you additional info.. 

Ok.. That’s all for today. I hope Bruxis will continue to show us good activity and we will see more interesting news, which, as always, you can find here… Stay always positive! And see you tomorrow.. 

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