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In one of our previous articles – BitPerformance Review Part 1 (read here) , as you remember, we did some simple investment plan math so that you better understand what kind of profit this platform offers to participants. Now, you can also better see the risk reward ratio, which is very important for most online and offline investors..

Let’s remind few paragraphs from that article:

We see daily (calendar-days) plan, that’s why we do not need a conversion factor of 30/22 (calendar days/business days).

Since we deal here with “Principal Back” investment offer – we must already know that in most plans of this type we break even at the end of it, the same moment when your initial deposit is returned back to your wallet. In our case investors reach the break-even point (B.E.P.) right at the END, after 10 days of the plan.

By the way, the Total Gross Interest you can see also on plan’s details provided by BitPerformance .. So just to recheck – your Net Profit is 21.6% (2,16% x 10 days) and Total Return is 121.6% (21.6% + 100% of deposit back).

The next step we usually do – checking DNI (Daily Net Interest) level that must tell us whether we can consider BitPerformance plan as a SHORT, MEDIUM or a HIGH interest one.

For newcomers – read EN HYIP Insights article #12 Part 3 and Part 4, so that you will be able to understand it much better..

If you divide your Net Profit (21.6%) by 10 days of this investment plan – you will get the result – a DNI of 2.16%. Thus you can classify it as a HIGH interest investment offer. Therefore, taking into account the risk-reward ratio, I think that many investors are mostly joining it in order to get a relatively quick profit. The other two plans have an even higher percentage of profitability.

The main aim of this part is to clarify some rules and terms provided by the platform. So let’s continue and highlight the main ones:

Payment systems: fiat and cryptocurrencies

At the moment, BitPerformance only supports the fiat payment system Paywex. We will be adding the most popular methods of making fast payments from fiat systems to cryptocurrencies very soon.

Responsibility: risk warning

The high-risk nature of Bit Performance Ltd’s activities requires special attention from customers when planning to work with the platform. BitPerformance programs allow investors to systematically generate higher returns on their assets in contrast to other profit-making tools, but the opportunities for our investment tactics are accompanied by corresponding financial risks. The company does not guarantee the profit represented in case of unforeseen circumstances and is not responsible for the contributed monetary assets. To mitigate negative factors, we systematically practice integrated management of potential risks with adaptive execution models.

Support service: 24/7 consultations

Get advice on your issue by contacting BitPerformance customer support in any convenient way: by email, via Telegram messenger @BitPerformanceService, or a feedback form on the website. Or get immediate support by writing to the operator in the online chat right now.

Incoming limit: Minimum deposit amount

The smallest amount that you can invest in BitPerformance and receive income from it is $10. The minimum investment in cryptocurrency is [CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE].

Profitability: Accrual of profit

All investment plans provide every second profit accrual: after activating the deposit, you will begin to receive every second payments to your account balance which are immediately available for withdrawal to your wallet. Please note that if the amount of every second accrual is not enough to be displayed, then the interval for updating the balance can be increased to 10 seconds.

Limits: Minimum withdrawal amount

Withdrawing funds from the account balance to your wallet is available from only 10 cents. We do not charge withdrawal fees and do not limit the number of transfers. The minimum withdrawal amounts in cryptocurrency are [CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE].

Processing: withdrawal waiting time

All operations on the platform are performed automatically and instantly with a possible delay of up to 1-3 minutes. Sometimes, due to technical reasons, the waiting time for a money transfer may take a little longer, but even then, your withdrawal request will be guaranteed to be processed within 24 hours.

Cooperation: Earn 5% from the attracted investments

Cooperate with BitPerformance on profitable partnership terms, even without personal investment: you do not need to have a deposit to start earning with the affiliate program. We pay instant bonuses in the amount of 5% from the attracted deposit (or 2% -1% from the investments of second and third level referrals), and also provide full control over the management of the referral structure and issue an official promo.

Bonuses: Accrual of rewards

Payment of rewards to the partner’s balance occurs automatically at the moment the attracted investor’s deposit is activated. The bonus is ready for withdrawal immediately after accrual. Please note that the payment is made only in the currency in which the attracted deposit was paid.

To communicate with BitPerformance team you can use their website online chat, the following social links:

Or the email –

Ok.. Let’s hope for good results for all investors who have joined BitPerformance or are planning to do so. From this moment we will informing you with all important news and updates from this platform. 

See you tomorrow in the next article..


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