Less than 24 hours ago, HightWolf platform (reviewed here) announced a newly developed bonus reward system for active users. It has a tiered structure with a $ 5 minimum reward and a $ 10,000 maximum reward. As stated in the platform news, registered members must complete a few steps to receive these rewards, aside from simply having an active deposit.

If there are any of you who have tried this new system already, please leave a comment below…

Let’s read it to understand the whole concept:

Receive from $ 5 to $ 3,000 in rewards plus up to an additional $ 7,000 in bonus deposit for completed tasks.

Dear investors!

The HightWolfteam has developed a unique Bonus Reward System for active users of our investment platform. For simple actions you can earn up to $ 10,000 additionally!
To take part in the Bonus program, all you need to do is register on the hightwolf.com website, make a deposit of $ 15 or more and complete a few simple tasks:
– read the information on the pages of the site;
– make a deposit;
– invite partners to the project using your referral link;
– receive your first payment and your first referral charges;
– tell about it in social networks, forums or blogs, fill out the form and provide a link to your post;
– receive your reward up to $ 3,000 plus up to $ 7,000 of the bonus deposit.
The program has three levels of remuneration, which differ in the minimum deposit amount and the number of invited users registered in the project using your referral link.
First Level – $ 5 reward:
– deposit from 15 dollars;
– 3 or more partners in the project using your referral link;
– reward $ 5 accrual.
Advanced Level – $ 600 Reward:
– deposit from $ 400;
– 5 or more partners in the project using your referral link;
– a reward of $ 100 accrual plus a $ 500 bonus deposit.
Epic Level – – $ 10,000 reward:
– deposit from 4000 dollars;
– 10 or more partners in the project using your referral link;
– reward of $ 3,000 accrual plus $ 7,000 of the bonus deposit.
How much can you earn with Bonus Deposit? For example, if you made a $ 4,000 deposit on the Eagle Growth plan at 2.7% daily for 30 days and completed all tasks in the bonus program at the Epic level. For 30 days, you will receive $ 3240 percent on the main deposit, which is immediately available for withdrawal, a refund of your $ 4000 deposit at the end of the term, plus $ 3100 to the account for the Epic and Advanced level of the Bonus program and $ 7500 on the bonus deposit. Your net profit will be $ 8027!
The body of the bonus deposit burns at the end of the term, and the accruals accruals are immediately available for withdrawal.
See a detailed description of all tasks in your Personal Account at hightwolf.com on the “Bonuses” tab.
Take advantage of the unique opportunity to multiply your capital many times over and do not forget to tell your partners and acquaintances that everyone can do this.


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