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“First Thoughts” article of MinerPower was published recently. As you remember the platform offers 4 “FOREVER” plans to participants. It’s pretty clear even without detailed analysis, that such plans could more suit adventurous investors. Let’s recheck a small part of the article:

MinerPower has 4 investment offers to potential investors. All of these offers aren’t limited in time – meaning “FOREVER” plans. Let’s check:

  • 10% Daily Forever ( min. deposit – 0.001 BTC )
  • 15% Daily Forever ( min. deposit – 0.3 BTC )
  • 20% Daily Forever ( min. deposit – 1 BTC )
  • 25% Daily Forever ( min. deposit – 3 BTC )

As you can see, according to such plans MinerPower can be considered a clear example of short-term programs. That’s why, it will probably suit more adventurous investors than conservative ones. Most of the participants will be those looking for high returns in a short time, understanding all the risks.

Well, from this moment we can quickly do our usual math..

No conversion factor of 30/22 (calendar days/business days) needed here, as all 4 plans work on a calendar-days basis without any weekends. You must be paid every single day according to these plans.

Let’s take the first plan as our example (10% Daily Forever).

Let’s check when we break even with MinerPower 1st plan. We divide 100% by the 10% and get 10 days exactly. That means we break even in 10 days and every next day should bring us a Net Profit

You must understand that it’s impossible to calculate an exact amounts of Net Profit, Total Gross Interest and DNI (Daily Net Interest) simply because they all depend on a period of time that MinerPower platform works. For our further math let’s imagine it will work for 18 days. 

To check the Total Gross Interest we multiply the number of days (18) by daily return (10%) | 18days x 10% = 180%

From here our Net Profit ( 180% – 100% ) = 80%.

To find out the DNI (To understand what DNI is – read EN Hyip Insights article #12 Part 3 and Part 4, that will help you, if you are new to investing). We divide our Total Net Profit (80%) by 18 days (as our example) and we get a DNI of ~4.44%.

As you can see this is a very large percentage. And this is a HIGH interest plan.

Again, i can repeat, plans like this are more suited to some adventurous investors than conservative ones, but judging by the number of personal questions people ask me via email or social media, many of you are currently participating and diversifying money between the three different types of platforms: low profitability with low risk, medium profitability with medium risk and high profitability with high risk. So probably it’s useful to you.

Okey, hopefully it was rather informative, saved your time and you can better understand the concept of MinerPower. Do not forget to click Twitter or Telegram icons to share this review. See you soon with the next one..


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