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Today we’re fortunate to have a response to a SECOND set of interview questions by the Admin, Mr. George Soleos, of FexFund (reviewed here).  Our first interview with him was around three weeks ago and you can read it hereFexFund is one of the more popular HYIPs with readers of Emily News.  So, we decided that it might be useful to hear from Mr. Soleos again to learn firsthand about progress the company has made in the past few weeks and, most important, what their outlook for the future might be.  As before, the interview was very informative — with a bit of humor thrown in here and there to keep one’s attention.  We’re very grateful to Mr. Soleos for taking the time out of his busy schedule to respond to our questions.

Following is the text of the interview…

We interviewed you around three weeks ago shortly after FexFund went online. At that time our interview focused on learning more about your program as well as on your plans for the future. Now, after only this brief period online, FexFund appears to be one of the favored investment programs among readers of Emily News. And, we notice that you have made a number of improvements in your website. This interview will cover progress you feel you have made in the last few months as well as what you feel the direction of FexFund will be in the future — not to mention a few other things.

1. For the benefit of our readers, would you please reintroduce yourself and tell them your position in FexFund? It would also be interesting to know how you spend your time on-the-job. What does a “typical” day look like for you?

Hello, readers, George Soleos in here, CEO of Fex Trade LTD, the company which owns site.
Do you want to know how my typical day looks like? It’s boring; it reminds me Groundhog Day movie 😉 I woke up roughly about 4-5 am in the morning, sorting out my private stuff and then head off to the office. Grab a coffee, says hi to my Telegram Chat Group and then start working off, serving customers on live chat, tickets, emails, Skype. Telegram and doing live trading in the middle as I’m responsible for those in the company. Basically I finish my work at about 8-9pm.

2. Are you happy with the way FexFund is growing? Is the rate too fast to keep up with? So slow that it is alarming? Just right?

Yes, I’m euphoric. My plan is working very well. Our growth is steady and stable. It doesn’t look like growth of some crypto coins I’m dealing with when it goes unbelievably high and then hits the floor 🙂

3. You have upgraded your website in many ways. Would you care to comment on any of these upgrades that you feel are very significant or that have been especially successful?

I don’t measure those that way. I always try to please everyone and make the site as friendly to use as it’s possible. I enjoy (and investors too) the pool system where they can express their thoughts about the future of the site.

4. A few days ago I noticed a survey in your website indicating that you might eliminate your “Starter” program and possibly begin a longer term program. One reason for this was that the Starter program is the least popular among your investors. In an HYIP Insights article that we will publish very soon, we point out that the net daily interest in your starter program is around 1.29% while in your Medium program it is only 1%. Do you think that your investors are aware of this? I realize, of course, that there are factors other than interest that people base their decisions on.

Because of our pool system, there are no changes done on the site. Our users decided not to change anything. And yes, I presume all investors are aware of it. The thing with starter plan is that we hold the money for seven days so we cannot plan a long term trades with it but only live trading or very short term trading which is riskier. That’s why we tried to remove it and put another long term plan so we can trade a bit more safely but we leave the things as they are right now.

5. Would you care to comment on the likelihood that you will offer a longer term program? If you have made a decision on this, can you tell us about it? We would consider it a privilege to announce it to our readers by means of this interview — and in our blog news, if you like.

As I previously said no changes would happen to the planning system, so there is not much to comment about 🙂

6. Have you considered the possibility of adding an automatic compounding feature (automatic reinvestment of earnings into principal) to your investment plans? Some investors like this.

We had a discussion in the team about that, but so far we won’t do that. It would require a lot of changes in the code of the site in the most sensitive parts of it and to be honest I remember only one person asking to do that so for now, we do not plan to make it happen.

7. Here’s a question that you might hesitate to respond to — unless you have a crystal ball in your back pocket. But, where do you think Bitcoin is going? It has had its ups and downs in the past. Do you think it is ready for a down now — or what?

In my personal opinion, it will be floating for a while in $2000-$3000 range to boost up later on, but when – I wish to know 🙂

8. What do you feel the future looks like for FexFund? You have probably read some of our other articles, and a number of them point out that most HYIP investors cling to the hope that the programs they are putting their hard-earned money into are the real thing. However, they also know the history which is that just about all HYIPs fade into the sunset after a while. This is another hard question. But, can you provide any assurance to our readers that FexFund might, indeed, be different from the rest and be around for a while longer — ideally much much longer?

Future looks splendid. The site is working in the way I was planning. Unlike any other HYIP sites, we do the trading with investor’s money so we can afford to pay their income without counting on another batch of money from other investors (I’m playing with Steem while writing this ;). I know the market is still considered as bad condition, but as I probably already said, my aim is to change that. People also need to learn that all that glitters is not gold. I’ve noticed the huge interest in Telegram hyip bots, where people are investing their money like crazy. Most of those bots are not even real companies; they don’t have websites, any plan, nothing. The script can be done in several weeks or bought off the market for the little money. So basically I would suggest to do some research and be careful while investing, always.

To answer your questions, let our work be our answer. While I write those words, we are online for 37 days. All payments are made instantly since that time, all customers we serve in less than few hours time, mostly in minutes. We have no server problems; we have uptime of 100%. We work behind the scene to make all that happen, and so far we are doing our job very well.

9. Perhaps this is redundant, but do you have any specific plans for the future that you would like to share with us?

Not much I cannot say as we have some things we work on at the moment but cannot share too much. As you may have noticed, we’ve announced co-operation with SHOPNOW.NG platform which will be starting very soon. About anything else, I will inform via our newsletters.

10. Finally, I am sure there are other things you are thinking about that you might like to share with our readers. So, you have “the floor” now and we would welcome any additional comments that you would like to make.

I would like to thank all my investors for the trust they gave us. We have proved that with our hard work we can work out the great system to let both sides earn good profits. I believe the best times are still comin up 🙂

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to this interview.

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