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The Value Dawn Investment Plans.

In our “First Thoughts” article about Value Dawn, we included a very thorough description of their three investment plans.  Here is what we said in that article:

The Value Dawn investment program includes three very different investment plans.  These are referred to as the Introductory, Advantage, and Prestige investment plans.  The minimum investment in all of them is .01 BTC.  It looks like there is no maximum.  The Introductory plan pays 5% daily on business days and runs for 31 business days.  Your investment is included as part of your earnings.  The Advantage plan is a one-shot deal that pays you 112% after 10 calendar days.  This includes both your investment and your earnings.  Finally, the Prestige plan is a bit more complicated.  It looks like you can choose the length of the plan and that this will determine the daily interest that you receive.  The choices are 30, 60, 90, or 120 calendar days with daily interests of 1.2%, 1.4%, 1.6%, and 1.8% respectively.  This plan also returns your investment at its conclusion.  This selection of investment plans pretty much covers the “waterfront” and there should be something to appeal to investors of just about any temperament.  Some quick arithmetic tells me that the returns which are promised in all the plans should be a good compromise between profitability and risk — what every online investor is looking for…

Analysis of the Value Dawn Investment Plans.

Introductory Plan

The Introductory Plan pays 5% interest per business day.  So, dividing 100% by 5%, we find that the plan breaks even in exactly 20 business days.  And, since there are roughly 22 business days in a 30 calendar day month, you can multiply our 20 business day result by 30/22 to get that the investment plan breaks even in roughly 28 calendar days.  Of course, the number of calendar days in the 31 business day investment plan is roughly 43 calendar days (31 x 30/22).

The total gross interest that you will earn from this plan is the daily gross interest of 5% times 31, the number of business days on which interest is paid.  The result is 155%.  To get the total net interest that you will earn from this investment plan, you must subtract 100% because the gross interest includes your investment.  The result is 55%.  Finally, to get the average daily net interest (DNI) that you will earn from this plan on a calendar day basis, you divide this result by the 43 calendar day length of the plan to get a DNI of roughly 1.28%.

So, for the Introductory Plan, our results are:

Break even in 28 calendar days
DNI = 1.28%

Advantage Plan

The Advantage Plan is very simple to analyze.  Since you don’t receive any return at all until the plan ends after 10 days, that’s when you will break even.

It is also obvious that your total net interest for the plan is 12%.  If you divide this by the 10-day length of the plan, you get that the average daily net interest you receive will be 1.2%.

So, our results for this plan are:

Break even in 10 calendar days
DNI = 1.2%

Prestige Plan

The Prestige Plan actually consists of four subplans, each running for a different length of time and paying a different daily interest.  However, all of the subplans return your investment at the end of the plan.  The means that, IF the program survives until the end of a plan, your daily earnings for each subplan will also be daily net profit (DNI) for the subplan.

Next, let’s see when each of the subplans breaks even.  The first subplan pays 1.2% interest for 30 days.  To determine how long it will take any investment plan to break even, we divide 100% by the daily return.  In this case, dividing 100% by 1.2%, we come up with 84 days.  This is much greater than the 30 day length of this investment plan.  So, the plan will NOT break even until it ends in 30 days and your investment is returned to you.

The second subplan pays 1.4% for 60 days.  In this case, doing the same arithmetic, you would find that it would take 72 days for an investment plan to break even at this rate.  Again, since this is more than the 60-day length of the plan, you won’t break even until the plan ends and your investment is returned to you.

The third subplan pays 1.6% for 90 days.  In this case it takes 63 days to break even which is LESS than the 90-day length of the plan.  So, everything that you earn after you break even will be “pure” or net profit.  In addition, your investment will be returned to you at the conclusion of the investment plan.

The fourth subplan paying 1.8% for 120 days works the same way and you will break even in only 56 days.

Here are our results for the Prestige Plan.

Subplan           DNI      Length of Plan Break Even

1                      1.2%    30 days            30 days
2                      1.4%    60 days            69 days
3                      1.6%    90 days            63 days
4                      1.8%    120 days          56 days

In Part 2 of this review, we’ll take a close look at these numbers and other factors in an effort to determine the pros and cons of the Value Dawn investment plans.  Please stand by.  Part 2 should be complete in another day or two.


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