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In Part 1 of this review, we determined when each of the three Value Dawn investment plans would break even as well as what the average daily net interest (DNI) paid by each of them will be.  Here’s that information in summary form:

Introductory Plan

Break even in 28 calendar days
Length of plan = 43 calendar days
DNI = 1.28%

Advantage Plan

Break even in 10 calendar days
Length of plan = 10 calendar days
DNI = 1.2%

Prestige Plan

Subplan           DNI      Length of Plan Break Even

1                      1.2%    30 days            30 days
2                      1.4%    60 days            69 days
3                      1.6%    90 days            63 days
4                      1.8%    120 days          56 days

In the article in HYIP Insights #12, we suggested that programs offering investment plans with DNIs less than 2% would appear to provide satisfactory returns and not place the survival of a program at serious risk.  All of the Value Dawn plans are in this range.  It is worth nothing that, because of their longer terms, the two highest interest subplans of the Prestige Plan might not be very popular.  This would further enhance the prospects for long-term survivability of the overall program.

I would like to first compare the Introductory Plan, the Advantage Plan, and the first subplan of the Prestige Plan.  This is a reasonable comparison as they all are relatively short term with the lengths of their plans being 43 days (Introductory), 10 days (Advanced) and 30 days (Prestige).

They also all have comparable DNIs as follows:

Plan                             DNI

Introductory                1.28%
Advantage                   1.2%
Prestige (subplan #1)  1.2%

The Introductory Plan and the Prestige Plan (subplan #1) also break even in just about the same length of time (28 days for Introductory and 30 days for Prestige).

The point is that, given these similarities, the investor might be confused as to which is the best alternative of the three possibilities.  This is actually a hard decision to make and a lot will depend on your “investment personality.”  In general, the TYPE of plan like the Introductory Plan is the best choice because it returns your investment to you fairly quickly on a daily basis.  This plan breaks even in 28 days, but half way through it, by the 28th day, for example, you will have already recovered half of your investment.  In contrast, for subplan #1 of the Prestige Plan, the investor only recovers 36% (1.2 x 30) of his investment before his full investment is returned at the end of the 30-day investment period; he has to “bite his nails” for 30 days hoping that he will recover his full investment.  In fairness, however, the Introductory Plan is 43 days long.  So, it would take the investor in this plan almost two more weeks than the length of the Prestige Plan in order to obtain his full profit.  The Advantage Plan is a slightly different animal.  You risk everything, but for a short 10-day period.  Conceivably, the person who prefers this plan might invest in it more than once, perhaps to come up with a total investment period of 30 or 40 days — which would be equivalent to the other two plans we are talking about.

Subplans #2, #3, and #4 of the Prestige Plans offer higher returns, but at higher risk — simply because they are longer term plans that require you to wait until they end for your interest to be returned.  At the extreme, subplan #4, with a length of 120 days (four months), makes a person “bite his nails” for a long time waiting for the plan to end so that he can recover his investment.  Thankfully, this subplan (and also subplan #3) breaks even way before the end of the plan.  So, all is not lost if the program closes prematurely.

These are pretty much the pros and cons of the investment plans.  The decision, of course, of which one (if any) to choose is up to you.

Earnings Examples.

Let’s assume an investment of $100 in some of the investment plans and see what will happen.

Introductory Plan

In this case, you will receive a return of 5% or $5 on every business day.  So, you can see that, after 20 business days, you will break even.  We already determined that, depending on when weekends happen, this is equal to roughly 28 calendar days.  The plan will end after 31 business days, by which time you will have earned a total of $155, for a net profit of $55.  We also determined that 31 business days is roughly equal to 43 calendar days.

Advantage Plan

This one is easy.  You get a one-shot return of 112% of your investment 10 days later.  For a $100 investment, this comes to $112, for a net profit of $12.

Prestige Plan

For subplan #1, you will receive a daily return of 1.2% or $1.20.  By the time the plan ends 30 days later, these daily returns will have totaled to $36.  Then at the end of the 30-day investment period, your $100 investment will be returned to you.  After this happens, you could regard the $36 that you received in daily returns as your net profit.

As you move up though the other subplans of the prestige Plan, the daily interest will increase as will also the risk involved because of the longer wait to get your investment returned.

Let’s jump to subplan #4 which runs for 120 days and pays 1.8% (or $1.80) per day to see how this will work out.  After 56 days, you will have received a total of $100.80 and you will have broken even.  So, you might say that the serious nail biting ends here — even though your investment has not yet been returned.  From here on all of your earnings are “pure” profit.  By the time the plan ends after 120 days, your daily earnings will have totaled $216.  After the 120 days are up, you will receive your $100 investment back.  So, the $216 becomes your net profit.  The plan is four months long.  Dividing $216 by four, you get that your average MONTHLY profit is $54.  This is pretty good.  So, this is a profitable investment plan — but still a risky one.


Value Dawn offers three different types of investment plans.  All of the plans have daily net interests within the range that offers satisfactory profitability without posing an undue threat to the long-term survivability of the program.  Returns are similar except for the three higher interest subplans of what is called the Prestige Plan where they are a bit higher.  The choice of which plan an investor will decide to use will depend a lot on the type of investment plan that he prefers and the amount of risk that he is willing to take.

I hope this information is helpful.


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