World Mining Introduction.

In our “First Thoughts” article about World Mining (that you can read here), we first reviewed information about the company that was provided in their website and then provided a few brief remarks about the five investment plans that they offer.  Here is what I said about the company…

World Mining has been in business since early in 2017 and, as the name of the company implies, is involved with cryptocurrency mining.  They are located in England and officially incorporated in October of this year.  According to their website, World Mining “leases servers of different capacities on rent. Our customers are able to choose the power and speed of the leased server, calculate its profitability, payback period of rent, size and net profit.”  World Mining goes on to say that they own “5 servers with different power type. Your income is calculated according to chosen server, power consumption and speed. You are able to rent a server per certain period: from 9 to 12 months. After the end of the lease term, the transfer of interests on your personal account will be stopped.”  So, the idea is that you share in the income generated by these servers; it’s a win-win situation for both the investor and World Mining.

In the First Thoughts article, I noted that the investment plans use two “vocabularies” side by side in describing them.  One vocabulary deals with computer terminology; the other deals with dollars and cents.  I have a feeling that the money-based vocabulary will be more understandable to the majority of EmilyNews readers (it is to me!), so that’s what I’ll use in what follows.  Now, let’s take a closer look at these investment plans.

World Mining Investment Plans.

Here is the information about them as given in the World Mining website:

0.9% – 1.1%/day
360 days
$15 – $2,025

0.96% – 1.16%/day
360 days
$150 – $7,500

1.03% – 1.23%/day
280 days
$900 – $15,000

1.13% – 1.33%/day
290 days
$4,500 – $150,000

1.3% – 1.5%/day
300 days
$30,000 – $300,000

OK, let’s try to clarify a few points about these investment plans.  First of all, take a look at the fourth item for each of the plans, the lengths of the investment periods.  They range from 280 days to 360 days — a year if you think of a month as being 30 days long.  All of them are certainly long-term plans.  In fact, one wonders why there is even a need for World Mining to have long-term plans with such close term lengths.  Wouldn’t it be a LOT simpler to just make ALL the plans 360 days long?  But, maybe there is some high-tech reason behind the length of the plans that we aren’t aware of…

Now let’s take a look at the interest rate that is given for each plan.  Actually, it is given in THREE forms where certainly one would be enough.  Let’s look at the S1 plan as an example.  The third entry for this plan above says that it pays between 0.9% and 1.1% per day.  Well, if you use the lowest value, 0.9%, multiply it by 30 days, you get the monthly interest of 27% paid by the plan.  Assuming that the daily interest varies as indicated, this would be the LOW LIMIT for interest on a monthly basis.  Likewise, if you multiply 0.9% by the length of the investment period, 360 days, you get 324%, the first entry on the list for the S1 plan — the total interest for the period.  Again, since this is based on the lowest daily interest rate, it would be the LOW LIMIT of interest to expect for the period.  So, after going through all this you have to ask yourself:

  • Why is the lowest daily rate used to estimate monthly and period returns?  Why not a mean rate?
  • Why doesn’t the website indicate which rate is used to calculate the monthly and period returns?
  • Why are the monthly and period returns given at all?  If the investor is interested, he can determine them from the daily rate, just like we did above.  All this is unnecessary complication of very simple investment plans.  Indeed, all that should be said for the S1 plan is that it pays 0.9% interest per day for 360 days.  Period!

The investment plans are listed according to increasing daily (or monthly) interest rate.  Don’t look at the rate for the period as it is also influenced by the length of the period of an investment plan.  For example, the S1 and S2 plans have higher interest for the period than the S3 and S4 plans because their periods are significantly longer.  When comparing plans, you should look at the daily or monthly interest rates.

Finally, let’s take a look at the dollar value of the investment limits for each of the plans.  Generally speaking, the investment limits increase along with the increasing interest that is paid.  In other words, in order to earn the higher interest, you have to deposit more money.  It’s worth noting that the increase in interest that is paid for the first three plans is very small.  The increase between the S1 and S2 plans is only 0.06% (0.96 – 0.90) and the increase between the S2 and S3 plans is only 0.07% (1.03 – 0.96).  The more significant increases in interest occur between the S3 and S4 and between the S4 and S5 plans.  However, the permitted range of investments for these plans is probably too high for most investors to take advantage of.  The permitted range for the S5 plan — $30,000 – $300,000 — is almost obscene (See HYIP Insights #14 for a discussion of this here.) and it’s tempting to say that the company is just fishing for a big investor and, if they catch one, your guess is as good as mine as to whether or not the company will stay in business after that.

The bottom line in this discussion is that World Mining has done a super job of converting something that could be extremely simple into something that is complicated and even misleading.  One wonders why an investment program does this.  If these investment plans were presented in a simple manner with reasonable ranges of permissible investments, I would predict that a LOT more people would be attracted to the program.  Who wants to go through all the arithmetic I did above just to understand what the investment plans are offering?

We haven’t even begun to get into the profitability of the investment plans yet!  That’s what we’ll cover in Part 2 of this review


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