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Since the three sets of investment plans offered by USD Capital differ radically from one another, I’m going to, likewise, break this discussion section of the review up into three parts.

Let’s begin…

Daily Plans (principal returned)

Here’s what we know about this group of plans so far. 

  • Daily 2.1
  • 2.1% daily for 20 days
  • $10 – $1,000
  • Daily 2.5
  • 2.5% daily for 35 days
  • $1,001 – $5,000
  • Daily 3.3
  • 3.3% daily for 65 days
  • $5,001 – $100,000
  • Plan                 DNI                  Days to break even
  • Daily 2.1          2.1%                20 days (at end of plan)
  • Daily 2.5          2.5%                35 days (at end of plan)
  • Daily 3.3          3.3%                65 days

This is a fairly conventional set of investment plans.  You will recall from previous articles (for example, see HYIP Insights #28) that the best TYPE of investment plan is one that returns your principal as part of your investment.  In this way you are able to break even considerably before the end of the plan.  The worst TYPE of investment plan is one that returns neither your earnings or principal until after the end of the plan — usually referred to as an “after” plan.  The Daily Plans are somewhere in the middle.  You do receive a daily return.  However, your principal is not returned to you until the end of a plan.  So, the investor must “bite his nails” in hopes that the program won’t close before the plan ends and his principal is returned. 

With a minimum investment of $5,000, the Daily 3.3 Plan will rarely, if ever, be used.  Even the Daily 2.5 Plan, with a minimum investment of $1,000, will probably only be used sporadically.  So, we can say that, for the most part, activity in this set of plans will be with the Daily 2.1 Plan that has a DNI of 2.1%.  This is certainly a profitable plan as, if you multiply this rate by seven, you get a weekly profit of around 15% — which most online investors will find to be satisfactory.  This DNI is right at the limit of what we at Emily News suggest for plans that might make for a sustainable overall program.  Please see HYIP Insights #12 for more information on this.  So, everything considered, this is an acceptable set of investment plans.

Asset Plans (all have 100% automatic compounding)

This is an amazing set of investment plans.  Because of the 100% compounding of earnings, you don’t receive any return at all until the end of the 120-day investment period (which is the same for all of the three investment plans).  The amazing part of this set of investment plans are the returns that it promises.  As the calculator in the website indicates (and as we checked in the spreadsheet in Part 1 of the review), a return of $310,000 is promised for the minimum investment of $10 in the Asset 9 Plan.  For the Asset 11 and Asset 15 Plans, returns in the millions and billions of dollars are promised for the minimum investments.  Returns at these levels are IMPOSSIBLE for any investment opportunity anywhere and I am sorry to see that USD Capital is promising them.  As a specific example, imagine that only four people invested $10 each in the Asset 9 Plan.  The company would be obligated to pay them a combined return in excess of a million dollars.  And this is the lowest interest plan in the entire Asset set of investment plans.  It is interesting that USD Capital has been online for six months.  It is impossible that they have been paying this level of returns for this period.  Possibly, the investment plans as presently listed in the website are new and previously the company operated with lower-interest investment plans.  To summarize, given that it will be impossible for the company to fulfill its obligations to investors in the Asset set of investment plans and assuming that at least one or two people have invested $10 in them, it follows that the program cannot survive more than 120 days, the term length for all Asset plans.

Typically, when an HYIP offers investment plans with excessively high returns, the plans have equally excessive minimum investments.  This minimum is usually so high that almost no one will risk his money with the hope of receiving the huge return.  Unfortunately, the Asset Plans only have a minimum investment of $10.  So, anyone can afford to use the plans and, undoubtedly, a number of investors will invest — just to try their luck.  To repeat what I said in the previous paragraph, since it will be impossible for the company to pay the promised returns, it would appear that the program cannot survive longer than the 120-day length of these plans.

VIP Plans (principal included)

Here is what we know about this set of investment plans so far.

  • VIP 5555
  • 5,555% after 150 days
  • $10 – $1,000
  • VIP 4500
  • 4,500% after 120 days
  • $1,001 – $5,000
  • VIP 3000
  • 3,000% after 90 days
  • $5,001 – $100,000
  •   Plan               DNI
  • VIP 5555          36.4%
  • VIP 4500          36.7%
  • VIP 3000          32.2%

Like the Asset set of investment plans, this is another set of “after” investment plans.  With DNIs all in the neighborhood of 35%, the average weekly net profit that is promised to the investor in this set of plans is roughly 250%.  Compare that to the weekly profit promised by the Daily set of plans which was roughly 15% — and we indicated that was on the borderline with respect to long-term survivability of the overall program.  So, even though the promised returns for the VIP Plans are nowhere near what are promised by the Asset Plans, they are still extremely high, probably unreasonably so.  This again suggests that the program will not be able to afford to fulfill its payment obligations to investors in this set of plans. 

Similar to the Asset Plans, the VIP Plans also have very low minimum investment requirements.  Thus, a number of investors will probably “try their luck” at them.  And, it will be likely that the program will have to close before the end of a plan due to the difficulty in fulfilling payment obligations.      

Earnings Example.

I suspect that the Daily 2.1 Plan will be the most popular.  So, as an example, let’s assume an investment of $500 in this plan and see what will happen.  You will receive a daily return of 2.1% of $500, or $10.50 (.021 x 500), for 20 days for a total daily return of $210 (20 x 10.50).  At the end of the 20-day period, your $500 investment will be returned to you and the $210 becomes your net profit.  Even though this is the least lucrative of the USD Capital investment plans, my feeling is that a $210 return in 20 days on a $500 investment is very very good.


USD Capital offers a total of nine investment plans.  Three of them provide lucrative — but possible — returns; three of them promise returns that are impossible; the final three promise returns that are so high that they are probably also impossible.  Unfortunately, minimum investment requirements for the high interest plans are very low so that they will undoubtedly have investors who will decide to “try their luck.”  Since it will be impossible for the company to fulfill its payment obligations, the program will have to close prematurely. 

The first three investment plans have relatively short terms and it is possible that they will be able to complete a number of cycles before the program closes.  By themselves, the first three investment plans would make for a fairly sensible and lucrative program.  Unfortunately, the other six high yield plans, which are very likely to be used, make the program unsustainable.   


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