Crypto Harbor recently gave its website a new look and also completely changed its investment plans.  Although it is still the same company, looking at the website, there is little resemblance of the old and new.  Essentially it is a new program.

Here’s the news item from Crypto Harbor announcing this change:

As you can already see, our official website has acquired not only a new design, but also a new marketing. From this moment we move on to the next stage of development! We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the tariff plans and the new affiliate program in the relevant sections of the site. Also, our programmers tried to make a truly convenient and beautiful personal account. During the initial development period, we gradually built strong relationships with investors and funds around the world. Particular attention was paid to the Asian region and this paid off. We are pleased to announce that soon the first conference will be held in Indonesia. Details will be available on the official website and our social resources, stay tuned.

The Crypto Harbor Investment Plans.

Previously, Crypto Harbor offered only one investment plan.  Way back in our “First Thoughts” article about the program we described it in the following way:

For the investor, Crypto Harbor offers one very easy-to-understand investment plan.  It pays you a modest 1% interest per day for 20 working days and your investment is returned at the end of the plan.  The minimum investment is $10 and the maximum is $500.  That’s all there is to it. 

Now Crypto Harbor offers a total of NINE investment plans.  Unfortunately, seven of them require a minimum investment of $50,000.  This is way beyond what we feel an investor should put into ANY online investment program.  The exception might be if a program comes along that is as established and transparent as your neighborhood bank or a company selling shares in its stock.  Sadly, few, if any, online investment programs are in this category.  So, in this second review of Crypto Harbor, we will limit our attention to the two investment plans that have sensible minimum investment requirements.

Here’s the information about them:

  • Plan #1
  • 1.7% daily for 15 working days
  • $10 – $1,000
  • Plan #2
  • 2% daily for 25 working days
  • $1,001 – $2,000

Like the old investment plan, these two new plans also return your investment when the plan ends.

Analysis of the Crypto Harbor Investment Plans.

When we analyze an investment plan, we typically determine the number of days for the plan to break even as well as what the average daily net interest (DNI) is that you receive from it.  For the old plan, we found out the plan wouldn’t break even until your investment is returned at the end of the plan and that the DNI is 0.71%.

Now let’s take a look at the two new investment plans…

Both of them are based on working days.  Let’s first change this to calendar days, keeping in mind, of course, that returns are only on working days.  If you remember that there are roughly 22 working days in a 30 calendar day month, you can make the conversion by multiplying the number of working days by 30/22.  If you do this arithmetic, you get that Plan #1 is around 21 calendar days long and that Plan #2 is around 35 calendar days long.

Now, let’s see how much you will earn in the investment period for each of the two investment plans.  For Plan #1, if you multiply 1.7% (the daily return on working days) by 15 (the number of working days in the plan), you get that you will recover 25.5% of your investment by means of the daily working day payments.  So, you will not break even until the end of the plan when your investment is returned to you.  At that time, you can say that the 25.5% that you have received is your total net interest (profit).  If you average this out over the 21 CALENDAR day length of the investment plan by dividing it by 21, you get a DNI of around 1.21%.  The same calculations for Plan #2 give you a total net interest of 50% (so, you again do not break even until the plan ends) and a DNI of 1.43%.

These are very interesting results.  However, to keep the length of this review under control, we’ll delay discussing them until Part 2.  So, please stand by for another day or two.  Part 2 will be available then.


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