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To make our discussion of what we found out about Lion Trading in Part 1 of this review easier, let’s repeat the given information about their three investment plans as well as what we found out when we analyzed them.

  • Plan #1
  • 5% daily for 30 days
  • $5 – $500
  • Plan #2
  • 5.5% daily for 30 days
  • $500 – $1,000
  • Plan #3
  • 7% daily for 25 days
  • $1,000 – $50,000
  • Plan                 DNI                  Days to break even
  • #1                    1.67%              20 days
  • #2                    2.17%              18.25 days
  • #3                    3.00%              14.50 days

Back in HYIP Insights #21, we attempted to come up with some guidelines that we thought would be helpful in choosing an HYIP to invest with.  In hindsight, these guidelines might have been overly strict.  However, let’s see how the Lion Trading investment program compares with them. 

First, we recommended getting involved with programs that offer investment plans — such as Lion Trading — which return your investment as part of your earnings.  This is almost common sense.  Since your investment is being returned piece by piece on a daily basis, the portion of it that is at risk decreases very quickly. 

And, this gives rise to our second recommendation which is to only get involved with programs that offer investment plans that break even in less than a month or so.  Lion Trading fares well in this department too, with the longest time for a program to break even being only 20 days.  In fact, the longest term any of the Lion Trading investment plans is only a month — 30 days. 

Third, we recommended only getting involved with programs that offer investment plans having DNIs that are less than around 2%, the idea being that, if a plan promises profits that are much higher than this, it is unlikely that it will be able to survive in the long term.  Well, Lion Trading pushes this recommendation a bit with DNIs as high as 3%.  So, while this makes some of the plans very profitable, it also makes the program that much more risky — simply because it is more difficult for a program to sustain high returns rather than low ones.

A saving grace is that Plan #3, with a DNI of 3%, also has the highest minimum investment — $1,000.  This will be beyond the reach of the typical HYIP investor and therefore this plan might not be very popular.  So, this will help to minimize the obligation of the company to make high payouts and will enhance its ability to survive in the long term.  Plan #2 with a DNI of 2.17% is also a bit high, but not excessively so.  The minimum investment for this plan is $500 which will be affordable to a great many online investors, but not to all.  So, from the point of view of minimum investment, Plan #1, with a DNI of 1.67%, will certainly be the most popular.  This, obviously, will be good for the survival of the program.

DNI is not only a measure of risk, it is obviously a measure of profitability.  If you multiply DNI by seven (the number of days in a week), you come up with the average weekly profit that an investment plan will pay you.  For the three Lion Trading investment plans, here are the results of that arithmetic:

  • Plan                 Average weekly profit
  • #1                    11.7%
  • #2                    15.2%
  • #3                    21.0%

As far as I’m concerned, even Plan #1, the lowest interest plan, is quite profitable and any investment plan offering only 10% interest per week is a pretty good deal.  Of course, this is a matter of opinion.  The rule always is that, the higher the profit, the higher the risk…

Earnings Example.

Since we expect that Plan #1 will be the most popular one, let’s work an example for that plan.  Specifically, we’ll assume an investment of $300 — not too low and not too high.

Every day you will receive a return of 5% or $15 (.05 x 300).  You can see that, after 20 days, you will have received exactly $300 (20 x 15) and will have broken even.  By the time the plan ends after 30 days, you will have received a total of $450 (30 x 15), for a net profit of $150 (450 – 300).  In my opinion, this isn’t a bad profit on $300 in one month’s time…


Lion Trading offers three investment plans.  They are all very lucrative, but not SO lucrative that the program is apt to close in short order.  The higher interest plans have higher minimum investments that will minimize their use and add to the stability of the program.  This program might appeal to a wide range of investors.


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