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In order to be able to discuss the Profit Foundation investment plans intelligently, let’s repeat what we know about them so that we have all the information about them in one place.  Here it is:

  • Plan #1
  • 41.86% after 26 days (I assume that your investment is also returned then)
  • $80 – $350
  • Plan #2
  • 6.4% after 8 days (again I assume that investment is also returned than)
  • $350 – $800
  • Plan #3
  • 1.25% daily for 53 days (investment returned at end of plan)
  • $35 – $350
  • Plan #4
  • 2.6% daily for 53 days (investment returned as part of earnings)
  • $5 – $3,500
  • Plan     DNI                  Days to break even
  • #1        1.61%              26 days
  • #2        0.80%              8 days
  • #3        1.25%              53 days
  • #4        0.71%              39 days

Even though these four investment plans are of very different TYPES, they all share at least two very desirable features. 

First, they are all affordable.  The highest minimum investment of $350 for Plan #2, while it might be beyond the reach of a few investors, isn’t so high that a serious investor will not be able to take advantage of the plan.  It is not uncommon to see online investment plans with minimum investments of many thousands of dollars.  We always advise investors to stay away from such plans.  We have already pointed out in Part 1 of this review that the maximum investments for the plans also are all relatively low.  Plan #4 has the highest at $3,500.  Although we wouldn’t advise anyone to invest this much in any HYIP, this ceiling amount is much much less that you will see in most other HYIPs.  Again, as we already noted, it doesn’t appear that the program is trying to trap large unwary investors.

Second, the DNIs for all the investment plans are less than 2%.  Plans #2 and #4 are even less that 1%.  As we suggested in the article in HYIP Insights #12, programs offering investment plans having DNIs less than 2% might have a much better than average chance of long-term survival.  When you get below 1%, the chances get even better.  So, Profit Foundation might, indeed, be on a very good “foundation” in-so-far-as long-term survival is concerned. 

The flip side of survivability is always profitability.  Yes, the program will likely last longer, but you will earn less.  Well, exactly how profitable are the Profit Foundation investment plans?  If you multiply DNI by seven, you get average WEEKLY profit.  Here’s a little table on this.  You can estimate where each of the Profit Foundation investment plans fit into the table and decide if the profit level is enough for you…

  • DNI                  Average Weekly Profit
  • 0.5%                3.5%
  • 1.0%                7%
  • 1.5%                10.5%
  • 2.0%                14%

So, Plan #4, which is the least profitable, with a DNI of 0.71%, would give us a weekly profit of around 5% while Plan # 1, which is the most profitable, with a DNI of 1.61%, would give us a weekly profit of a little more than 11%.  How much profit is enough is a very individual issue.  5% might be a lot for one person and almost nothing for another.  However, we’re very happy with it…

Finally, let’s briefly discuss the TYPES of investment plans offered by Profit Foundation.  Plans #1 and #2 are probably the worst types of investment plans because both your earnings and deposit are withheld until the end of the plan.  Obviously, this puts the investor at risk of losing everything if the program closes prematurely.  You will note that Plan #2 has the highest DNI.  This is probably an enticement to invest in what is probably the program’s riskiest investment plan; your funds are at risk for a full 26 days.

Plan #3 is somewhat less risky in that only your investment is held until the end of the investment plan.  You receive a daily return which enables you to recover a part of your investment (66.25% of it) before the program ends.  But you will still be in the red until your investment is returned at the end of the plan.

Plan #4 is the best type of investment plan because your investment is returned to you as part of your earnings and you will break even considerably before the end of the investment plan.  This makes it the least risky type of investment plan.  Perhaps in recognition of this, the DNI for this plan is the lowest of the lot, at 0.71%.

This is the way things always go in the HYIP business.  High risk goes along with high profit, and vice versa. 

Earnings Examples.

Plan #1

Let’s assume an investment of $100.  You will receive 41.86% of this after 26 days, or $41.86 (wouldn’t an interest of 42% be simpler to work with?).  Your investment of $100 will also be returned to you at this time. 

Plan #3

Let’s also assume an investment of $100.  You will receive a return of 1.25% of this every day, or $1.25.  By the time the plan ends in 53 days, you will have received a total of $66.25 (53 x 1.25).  Your investment of $100 will also be returned to you at that time. 

Plan #4

Again assuming an investment of $100, you will receive a return of 2.6% of this every day, or $2.60.  After 39 days you will have received a total of $101.40 (39 x 2.60) and will have broken even.  When the plan ends in 53 days, you will have received a total of $137.80 (53 x 2.60), for a net profit of $37.80.


Profit Foundation offers four investment plans.  All of them are affordable and returns are moderate suggesting that the program could be a long-term survivor.  Two of the investment plans are risky and do not return either your earnings or your investment until they end.  The third plan provides a daily return, but holds your investment until the plan ends. The fourth plan returns your investment as part of your daily interest and this permits you to break even considerably before the plan ends.  Because of the low minimum investment and “safe” level of returns, not to mention the wide variety of investment plan types, this program can be expected to appeal to a wide variety of investors.


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