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In order that we will be able to conveniently discuss the Cryptoverdrive investment plans, let’s repeat the basic information about them as well as what we found out about them as a result of our analysis in Part 1 of this review.  Here’s this background information:

  • Cryptoverdrive Trading
  • 6% daily for 20 days
  • Short Overdrive
  • 140% after 20 days
  • Long Overdrive
  • 175% after 30 days

(All plans have the same investment limits: $10 – $10,000)

  • Plan                                         DNI                  Days to break even
  • Cryptoverdrive Trading          1%                   17 days
  • Short Overdrive                      2%                   20 days
  • Long Overdrive                       2.5%                30 days

Perhaps the thing that is most noticeable about this information is the great difference between the DNIs of the one “Daily” plan and the two “After” plans.  As the words imply, you receive daily returns from “Daily” investment plans and no returns at all until the end of “After plans.  So, without a doubt, “After” plans are far more risky ventures.  The Short Overdrive Plan (SO Plan) is twice as profitable as the daily Cryptoverdrive Plan (C Plan) and the Long Overdrive Plan (LO Plan) is two and a half times as profitable.  This would appear to be a clear effort by the program to entice investors to invest in the riskier “After” plans.  So, what we refer to at the “HYIP Dilemma” is paramount in this program: high returns go along with high risk and vice versa.  From the point of view of minimum investment requirements, all the investment plans offered by Cryptoverdrive are the same.  However, the TYPES of investment plans that are offered are as different as night and day.  The potential investor with this program should give a lot of careful thought to which TYPE of investment plan he thinks will be the wisest to put his hard-earned cash into.

To be very specific about this, in the SO Plan with a DNI of 2%, you have to wait 20 days for a return and, in the LO Plan with a DNI of 2.5%, you have to wait 30 days for a return.  Of course, in these two plans, you break even when they end.  In contrast, in the C Plan with a DNI of only 1%, you receive a 6% daily return that will enable you to break even in 17 days.

To get a better feel for profitability, we often multiply the DNI of an investment plan by seven to convert it to an average weekly profit.  If you do that for each of the three DNIs, you come up with the following:

  • Plan                 Average Weekly Profit
  • C                      7%
  • SO                    14%
  • LO                    17.5%

This information isn’t really anything new once you have values for DNI (the most important quantity for assessing profitability and risk of investment plans and programs).  However, it does emphasize that, although the C plan is not as profitable as the other two plans, the profit that you earn from it might still be quite acceptable to many investors.

In HYIP Insights #12, we suggested that programs offering investment plans having DNIs higher than around 2% might be at risk of early closure.  Well, Cryptoverdrive would appear to be a borderline case.  I suspect that the LO plan might not be that popular due to the fact that it is the highest risk investment plan of the lot.  This would appear to work in favor of the long-term survival of the overall program.  So, again, it would appear wise for the investor to give careful though to the pros and cons of this program before deciding which of its plans to invest in or whether or not to invest in the program at all.

Earnings Examples.

Let’s assume an investment of $100 in each of the three investment plans and see what will happen.

C Plan

In this plan you will earn 6% or $6 per day.  After 17 days, you will have earned $102 and will have broken even.  When the plan ends after 20 days, you will have earned a total of $120 for a net profit of $20.

SO Plan

This plan pays you a simple 140% or $140 after 20 days.  So, in this case your net profit is $40 — which, as we expected from our discussion above, is twice the net profit of the C Plan.

LO Plan

This plan pays 175% or $175 after 30 days.  So, your net profit when the plan ends is $75.


Cryptoverdrive offers three investment plans.  One of them pays a return on a daily basis while the other two do not pay returns until they end.  The “After” plans are much more profitable than the daily plan.  The investor with Cryptoverdrive will have to decide whether to be conservative and invest with the daily plan and settle for a lower return or to invest with one of the “After” plans and hope that the program will survive until the plan ends when he will receive a higher return.  


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