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The Crytoverdrive Investment Plans.

In our recent “First Thoughts” article about Cryptoverdrive, we summarized the program’s investment plans in the following way:

Getting back to business, Cryptoverdrive offers three investment plans for the online investor.  All of them have the same investment limits which are from $10 to $10,000.  So, no one is locked out of a plan due to a high minimum investment requirement.  Two of the plans are what we refer to as “After” plans because the investor doesn’t receive any return until after the plan is complete.  The third plan pays a daily interest that returns your investment as part of it.  This is probably the best TYPE of investment plan because the portion of your investment that is at risk decreases on a daily basis.  The “After” plans would appear to be the riskier type to get involved with.

A few quick calculations tell me that returns are satisfactory and that higher returns go along with the riskier types of investment plans.  This is the way things usually work out with the typical HYIP.

Here are the remaining details about the three investment plans:

  • Cryptoverdrive Trading
  • 6% daily for 20 days
  • Short Overdrive
  • 140% after 20 days
  • Long Overdrive
  • 175% after 30 days

Analysis of the Cryptoverdrive Investment Plans.

Looking at the Cryptoverdrive Trading Plan, if you divide 100% by the daily return of 6%, you find that you have recovered your investment — broken even — after 17 days.  For the Short and Long Overdrive Plans, since you do not receive any return at all until the plans end, that’s when they will break even.

Again focusing on the Cryptoverdrive Trading Plan, the total GROSS interest that you will receive from the plan will be the daily gross interest of 6% times the 20 day length of the plan, or 120%.  Since this includes your investment, the total NET interest that you will receive will be 100% less than this or 20%.  Dividing this by the 20-day length of the investment plan, you see that the average daily net interest (DNI) that you will receive from the plan will be exactly 1%.  Looking at the Short Overdrive Plan, since the 140% return includes your investment, your total NET interest will be 40%.  Averaging this out over the 20-day length of the plan by dividing by 20, you get a DNI of 2%.  For the Long Overdrive Plan, if you do the same calculations, you come up with a DNI of 2.5%.

In summary form, here are the results of our analysis:

  • Plan                                         DNI                  Days to break even
  • Cryptoverdrive Trading          1%                   17 days
  • Short Overdrive                      2%                   20 days
  • Long Overdrive                       2.5%                30 days

These results are interesting and we’ll discuss them in detail in Part 2 of this review.  In Part 2 we’ll also enumerate the pros and cons of the program and, hopefully, come to some conclusions that will be of use to the online investor.  Please stand by.  Part 2 will be published in the next day of two.


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