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The BtcMasterCryptoBot Investment Plans.

We recently published a brief “First Thoughts” article about BtcMasterCryptoBot (I’m going to refer to the company as “BMCB” from now on; their name is too long to type! 🙂 ).  In our article, we summarized their two investment plans in the following way:

For the investor, BtcMasterCryptoBot offers two very different investment plans.  The first plan pays 10% daily for 20 days and includes your investment as part of the returns while the second plan pays a flat one-shot return of 300% after 30 days.  This return also includes your investment.  The second plan also gives a 10% bonus of your deposit amount.  No one will object to that, I’m sure!

Here is a more complete description of the plans:

Plan #1
10% daily for 20 days (.4167% is credited to your account hourly)
0.01 – .09 BTC
Minimum withdrawal = 0.01 BTC
Investment included

Plan #2
300% after 30 days (plus 10% bonus of investment amount)
0.1 BTC and up
Investment included

Analysis of the BitMasterCryptoBot Investment Plans.

The total GROSS interest that the investor will receive from Plan #1 will equal the daily gross interest of 10% times the 20-day length of the plan, or 200%.  If you subtract 100% from this, you find that the total NET interest that you receive will be 100%.  Finally, if you average this out over the 20-day length of the plan, by dividing by 20, you get an average daily net interest (DNI) of exactly 5%.  It is easy to see that this investment plan will break even in 10 days.  Just divide 100% by the 10% return that you receive on a daily basis to get this result.

For Plan #2, since you receive your return in one shot after 30 days, that’s when you will break even.  Also, since the 300% return is the total GROSS interest that you receive, the total NET interest that you receive will be 100% less than this, or 200%.  Averaging this out over the 30-day length of the plan by dividing by 30, you get a DNI of 6.67%

In summary, here are the results of this quick analysis of the two BMCB investment plans:

Plan                       DNI                        Days to break even

#1                           5%                          10 days
#2                           6.67%                    30 days


Let’s first note the minimum investments required for the two investment plans.  For Plan #1, the minimum is .01 BTC.  Assuming that 1 BTC is worth around $10,000 (this value is very volatile right now), this minimum comes to around $100.  This is higher than the beginning plan for most HYIPs.  However, it is probably doable for most investors.  For Plan #2, the minimum is .1 BTC or around $1,000.  This minimum will limit this investment plan to the more serious investor.

You may have noticed that the minimum withdrawal for Plan #1 is also .01 BTC (around $100) — which is the same as the minimum deposit.  This is MUCH higher that typical HYIP withdrawal limits and this might discourage investors from participating in this investment plan.

Next let’s first take note of the two TYPES of investment plans.  Plan #1 is probably the best type of investment plan as the investor receives a high return on a daily basis and will break even half way before the plan is over.  In contrast, Plan #2 might be the worst type of investment plan because the investor doesn’t receive a penny in returns until the plan ends after 30 days.  This is what we refer to as an “After” plan.  In this situation, the investor must “bite his nails” for 30 days hoping that the program will survive until the term of his investment plan ends.  Sadly, in recent months, many HYIPs have closed their doors in much less than 30 days.

Both of the BMCB investment plans are very lucrative.  Let’s look at Plan #1 which is the LEAST profitable of the two plans.  Multiplying the DNI of 5% by seven to get the average weekly profit from the plan, you come up with 35%.   Needless to say, this is as remarkable return.  Plan #2 has an even more remarkable return that would average out to over 45%.  The flip side of the coin when it comes to profit is always risk.  The higher the profit, the higher the risk.  In fact, way back in HYIP Insights #12, we suggested that programs offering investment plans with DNIs higher than 2% might be at risk of closing prematurely.  Needless to say, this is something that the investor should keep in mind when he considers putting his money into a high-interest program such as this.

One factor that will minimize this risk slightly is that Plan #2, which has the very high DNI of 6.67%, also has a rather high minimum investment of $1,000.  This will minimize the use of this plan and, in turn, will decrease the obligation of the program to pay the especially high returns that go along with it.  However, even paying the high returns associated with Plan #1 might be a considerable burden on the program.  In fairness, though, we must emphasize that these are only our opinions and we would LOVE to be proven wrong.  Perhaps the administrators of BMCB know something that we don’t know and they have all this completely under control.  That would be a very nice.

Earnings Examples.

Let’s assume an investment of $1,000 in each of the two plans and see what will happen.  This amount is right at the borderline between the max investment for Plan #1 and the min investment for Plan #2.

For Plan #1, you receive 10% of your investment per day or $100 per day.  You can see that, after 10 days, you will have received a total of $1,000 and will have broken even.  The plan ends in 20 days and in that time, you will have received a total of $2,000, for a net profit of $1,000.

For Plan #2, you will receive a one shot return of 300% of your investment, or $3,000, after 30 days.  So, your net profit will be $2,000.

In summary, Plan #1 earns you a profit of $1,000 in 20 days while Plan #2 earns you twice this much in only 30 days.  So, it is clear that Plan #2 is much more lucrative.  However, it is also much riskier.  In Plan #1, you recover your investment in only 10 days.  In Plan #2, you don’t receive any return at all until the plan ends after 30 days.


BMCB offers two very lucrative investment plans.  They are of very different types with one plan paying returns on a daily basis and the other withholding returns until the completion of the plan.  The investor considering depositing money with this program should carefully weigh the pros and cons of the two investment plans as well as the profit/risk comparison for the overall program.  It would appear that this program will be attractive to the investor who doesn’t mind taking a risk in hopes of receiving high returns.  The conservative investor looking for a relatively low risk program that has a good chance of providing long-term stable passive income might not find it attractive.

I hope that this information if helpful.


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