Today we are very pleased to present to our readers a SECOND interview with Richard Greene, the Admin of the Doubly (reviewed here) online investment program.  This is an exceptionally informative interview in which Mr. Greene provides valuable insights into the operations of the company, the challenges it has faced and overcome and, most important, its very exciting future plans.  We would like to thank him for taking the time to provide such thorough answers to our questions.  The information that he has provided is an extremely valuable addition to what we can learn about the company on its official website.

For those of you that have come in late, Doubly has been listed on the EmilyNews monitor for over four months now.  This gives the program a sort of “senior” status with a track record of many investors that have, indeed, doubled their money by investing with them.  We are hoping that this fine track record continues and are looking forward to a THIRD interview with Mr. Greene another four months from now!

And now, our interview…

Hello, Admin! It has been a while since our first interview with you. So, for the benefit of our readers, would you be good enough to identify yourself again and tell our readers a little bit about you?

Hello Emily, it’s nice to hear from you again! Of course, I can introduce myself again: my name is Richard Greene and I am the founder and CEO of Doubly Ltd. I am an independent entrepreneur and my ambition is to create technical solutions in the financial sector and to offer them around the world, for everyone! With over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur and growing up in an entrepreneurial family, I am fully convinced that I can revolutionize the world with automated systems with artificial intelligence

First of all, we would like to congratulate you as Doubly has been online for just about four months now. That’s an accomplishment in HYIP world and many of your investors have made a considerable amount of money with your program by now. This might be private information, but can you provide us with some data? How has the number of your active investors increased as the weeks have gone by? Typically, interest is an online company decreases as time goes on. Do you feel that this is the case or do you continue to attract new investors or re-investors at a satisfactory rate?

As I already told you in the last interview, we initially offered our service only to major investors. Through our contacts in my 15-year career, we could already collect a large number of investments. And these are of course still active. However, by making this service accessible to everyone, the total amount of investment has risen again and is still rising steadily! On the contrary: our people do not lose interest in Doubly, but we are gaining more and more confidence! And for good reason, because we do a very good job, always keep our promises and keep evolving, while others stay one and the same spot. I can tell you how much profit we have made on average every day since March 2018. It’s over $ 270,000! We also posted a video on YouTube in which one of our trading analysts explains the management of our profits. We strongly recommend that your community visit our channel ‘Doubly’! As you may have noticed, on the 18th of March we launched an Affiliate Challenge where the top 100 affiliates can win huge prizes! First of all, we wanted to express our thanks to the community, for the great support they give us, and secondly, it brings us another step forward!

Have you experienced any problems in the past weeks and, if so, what are they and how have you overcome them?

Like any company, we sometimes encounter problems. The biggest problem was on March 2nd when our system was attacked by a DDoS attack, but not a normal one, because of course, we have developed security measures against simple DDoS attacks. By having already developed these security measures, the hacker or hacker group could not access our system, but it caused a disruption of our system, which resulted in the inaccessibility of the server for several hours. However, we acted immediately and could solve the problem in a few hours and secure our system against such strong attacks. For now and for the future! Many have been scared, but most do not understand that these issues encourage the development of a business. So again for everyone to write down, whether business, self-employed or employee: see problems not as something bad, but as something that evolves you. A problem cannot completely turn you off if you solve it now and avoid it in the future!

Related to that, are there any present issues that you are facing and how do you plan to address them?

As I said, this was the biggest problem we had with Doubly. At the moment we have no other problems, except maybe that the demand has increased a lot and our team has to work harder and harder. However, we love this work! Of course, we plan to expand and hire more employees. For example, we recently hired 3 more support staff to help us with support in the telegram groups. Further employees in the IT, support and marketing area are still being hired.

Perhaps, most important, do you have any plans for changes in the program or unusual plans for future growth that you would like to share with our readers at this time? The future is always more important than the past!

Of course, we plan our future, because this is crucial for the further success of Doubly! As already mentioned, we want to expand and hire more employees. So, we decided to increase our personal budget to an additional $ 3.8M annually by 2020 to hire 43 new account managers, 33 technicians and 28 new marketing and sales professionals working in our future stations in New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Moscow, Berlin and Milan.

When we first reviewed the Doubly program, we mistakenly assumed that your investment plans were based on calendar days rather than business days. We recently made the necessary corrections to our review and noted that we feel these are positive corrections. This is the case as they reveal that Doubly is a more conservative investment program than we originally thought and this should improve the chances for long-term survival of the program. There isn’t any need for you to comment on this item unless you would like to. It is more for the benefit of our readers…

That’s right, the stated returns are only distributed on weekdays. On weekends, we distribute a return of 0.5%, no matter which investment package was purchased, and this since the founding of Doubly. This strategy has been proposed by our experienced CFO because our clients have the highest priority for us. Because this ensures constant liquidity, no matter what! The current market is currently very volatile and is still in bearish condition.

In our News Commentary #679, we reported on increases that Doubly has made in the minimum investments required for the company’s three investment plans. Looking at your website now, it appears that there have been further increases. When the program first came online the minimum investments for the three plans were:

Standard .001 BTC
Exclusive .025 BTC
VIP .500 BTC

Now they are:

Standard .007 BTC
Exclusive .25 BTC
VIP 1.75 BTC

These are very significant increases. The increase for the Standard plan is 700% and the increase for the Exclusive plan is 1,000%. In fact, the Exclusive plan will probably be out of reach of all but very serious online investors now. We suspect that the reason for these increases is simply to decrease your obligation to pay high returns to a large number of your investors. There is certainly nothing wrong with this, if our thinking is correct, as these changes will improve the chances of the program being a long-term survivor. However, we would be grateful if you would provide your own explanation as to why these increases in minimum investments were implemented. As far as we know, there has never been an official explanation for them.

We have made this service accessible to everyone, but Doubly keeps its exclusivity. That’s why we decided to increase the minimum investments for the individual packages from time to time. This is not because we are overpaying, because nonetheless, our average profit has always been higher than the returns we have paid out. We have been providing excellent service for a long time, both technology and general support. As the number of users is steadily increasing, we cannot take care of everyone at the same time. As I mentioned before, the demand is very high. That’s why we focus on more exclusive clients until we hire new people.

Is there a specific geographic area where the Doubly program is most active? This relates back to a previous question, but, if there is, do you have plans for promoting the program in other areas? Have you given any thought to the establishment of physical offices in various countries, perhaps operated by your most successful affiliates?

Of course we want to expand. We are planning to open offices in the cities Moscow, Tokyo, New York, Hong Kong, Milan and Berlin, as most of our business partners are based there. That means the largest amounts of investment come from these cities. However, this is not the only reason why we want to expand in these cities. Because in addition to our business partners, these cities are central places, around the world. Thus, we can expand and create a better bond with our customers. Of course, our best affiliates should also represent these cities.

We notice that you very wisely post news updates on your Facebook page and we often wonder why other online programs don’t do this. This is a very good way to keep investor interest at a high level. It also gives monitors/blogs (such as EmilyNews!) something to write about which, of course, is free publicity for you! Comments?

That’s right, we post a lot on Facebook. After all, Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms with about 1.3 billion active users every day and of course we take advantage of it! As you said, we try to keep the interest of our customers at the highest level. Because the more we post from our updates and more, the more people see us making progresses. Why other companies do not use Facebook as a news publisher, I cannot answer you unfortunately. I recommend Facebook to any business and also entrepreneurs, after all, most people spend several hours on Facebook and that’s where we reach a lot of people, for free!

Finally, can you tell us what you feel the future looks like for Doubly? You are obviously aware that investors always hope for a company that will have an extremely long online presence. This rarely happens, but it has happened in the past. Do you feel that you will be one of those rare companies that result in many many happy investors?

I do not just think so, I’m completely convinced! If we can make such good profits in this bear market, and so many people trust us with their funds during that time, we will see much greater results in the future when the market shows greater returns again. Many companies are currently failing because of the current state of the market, such as mining companies that are earning too little with mining. We are currently in very good condition and will be one of the top companies in the financial sector in the near future. I like to compare our situation with that of the dotcom bubble. Because at that time there were only a few companies that could endure this time. As the market has picked up, these companies have literally exploded. Not destroyed, but in a positive sense. And I am firmly convinced that Doubly will also be one of these companies after the fatal crash since 2017.

Now, the floor is yours. Please add any additional comments that you might care to make. This is your opportunity to add to what might be in your website, make corrections to things that we or others might have said about your program, etc., etc.

Thank you first for the interview. I really enjoy your work and that’s why I’m happy to answer these questions for you and your community. I would like to reiterate that the Doubly Affiliate Challenge is currently running. It started on March 18th and you can expect huge winnings such as Watches from Audemars Piguet, Rolex, a Ford Mustang and huge cash prizes. Participate and win! Everyone has the chance to win as there are a total of 100 places which are equipped with extra winnings. Additionally, we offer all people a +1% extra commission on all invited investors until 16th April. This means we have increased the commission compensation to 16% per investment! Thank you again for this interview, I hope we can repeat it!


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