The Doubly Investment Plans.

In our recent “First Thoughts” article about Doubly, we summarized its three investment plans in the following way:

Doubly offers three investment plans for the online investor.  They are easy to understand and all terminate when the investor has doubled his money, meaning he has received a gross income of 200%.  Gross daily interest rates range from 2.72% to 4.50%.  Working through some quick arithmetic on the back of an envelope tells me that the daily net interests that the program promises are reasonable and are such that the program could be a long-term survivor.  So, the financial basis of the program appears to be well-thought-out.  We’ll go over the details of these investment plans when we review the program — which will be sometime in the next few days.  Doubly will be an easy program to review and I don’t anticipate any unpleasant surprises.  Please stand by…

In addition to this, the Doubly website gives us the following information about its three investment plans:

2.72% for 72 days
.001 BTC minimum

3.67% for 54 days
.025 BTC minimum

4.50% for 44 days
.500 BTC minimum

Analysis of the Doubly Investment Plans.

The website also tells us the number of days to get the “return on your investment” for each of the investment plans.  We usually refer to this as the breakeven point of an investment plan.  And, we really don’t need to be told this information since we know that each plan ends when you reach a gross interest of 200% which, of course, corresponds to a net interest of 100%.  So, just divide the length of each plan by two to get the breakeven points which, again, the website gives to you.  These breakeven points are:

Plan                 Break even
Standard          36 days
Exclusive         27 days
VIP                   22 days

Next, let’s determine the average daily profit that each of the plans pays you over its duration.  This is what we refer to as daily net interest or DNI.  As I already pointed out, the total net interest for each of the plans is 100%.  If you divide this by the number of days in a plan, you get the average daily net interest (DNI). For example, for the Standard Plan, this comes to around 1.39% (100/72).  Doing the same arithmetic for the other two investment plans, you get:

Plan                 DNI
Standard          1.39%
Exclusive         1.85%
VIP                   2.27%


The lower investment limits for the Standard and Exclusive Plans are well within the reach of the average online investor.  Even the VIP Plan, with a minimum investment of .5 BTC (in the neighborhood of $3,000), might be doable by the serious investor, although most investors will not take advantage of it.  However, that’s exactly the way a higher interest investment plan should work: doable, but not out of sight (as is often the case with many HYIPs).  This provides a select group of investors with the opportunity for a higher return — but not so many that the obligation of the company to pay these returns will seriously jeopardize its long-term survival.

Notice, also, that the times to break even for all of the investment plans are reasonable — in the neighborhood of a month or so.  And, since your principal is being returned to you during this breakeven period, the amount of your investment that is at risk is gradually decreasing.  This is a far better arrangement than the type of investment plan that doesn’t return your investment to you until the end of the plan.

All of the Doubly investment plans are quite profitable.  The lowest interest plan, the Standard Plan with a DNI of 1.39%, pays you an average profit of around 10% (1.39 x 7) per week over the length of the plan.  This will certainly keep the conservative investor very happy.  The Exclusive and VIP Plans pay a lot more, around 13% and 16% per week, respectively.  In all cases, always remember that this is an average assuming that the program survives the full length of the investment plan.

As far as risk is concerned, in HYIP Insights #12 we presented an article that suggested that programs offering investment plans with DNIs less than 2% would have a reasonably good chance of long-term survival — assuming that the program is wisely managed.  Doubly does offer one investment plan with a DNI that is higher than this.  However, due to the high initial investment that is required, it is likely that it will not be used very much and this will decrease the obligation of Doubly to make high interest payments.  We already noted this previously.

In short, and as we already indicated in our “First Thoughts” article, the Doubly investment plans appear to be very well-thought-out.  In fact, they conform quite well to the model of an “Ideal” investment plan that we suggested in the article that appeared in HYIP Insights #21.  If you’ve forgotten about this article, it would be worth your while to take a second look at it as you scrutinize new HYIPs that come along as possible programs to invest your hard-earned money in.

Earnings Examples.

The Doubly investment plans are very easy to understand in-so-far-as predicting earnings is concerned.  As the First Thoughts article indicated, you simply double your money by the end of the investment period.  In the Standard Plan, a $50 investment grows to $100, 72 days later — a net profit of $50.  In the VIP Plan, an investment of $4,000 grows to $8,000, 44 days later — a net profit of $4,000.  The neat thing in all these examples is that your investment is being returned to you from the start.  In the first case, you are earning around $1.36 per day (.0272 x 50) which you can see will have you breaking even (earning around $50) in around 36 days (1.36 x 36) — half the investment period.  In the second case, you will be earning $180 per day (.045 x 4,000) which will have you breaking even in 22 days (180 x 22).


The Doubly investment program offers three well-designed investment plans that, by HYIP standards, provide very respectable earnings with less than average risk.  If we at EmilyNews were to put a set of investment plans together, the Doubly plans are very close to what we would come up with!  With sensible management practices and a revenue stream to back things up, the Doubly investment program would seem to offer the online investor the possibility of a respectable passive income for months to come.

I hope this information is helpful.


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