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Today, we are very happy to present an interview with the Admin of Triton Plus (reviewed here) to the readers of EmilyNews.  Interviews such as this are the Admin’s opportunity to provide additional information about his program and/or to clarify information in his website that might have confused some readers.  So, again, we are grateful to the Admin of Triton Plus for taking the time to answer our questions and hope that his responses will be helpful to you.  We note, specifically, that we asked some hard questions in this interview.  I am pleased to say that all the answers that the Admin provided were right to the point and very informative — not to mention well-written!

And, now to our interview…

Hello Admin. Can you please introduce yourself to the readers of EmilyNews and tell us a little about your background?

Hello and thank you for the opportunity to give an interview. My name is Mateo Roberts and I am the director of Triton Plus Ltd. established in October 2018. I come from London, UK, and I will try my best to answer your questions.

What is your role in Triton Plus? Can you tell us how many other professional staff members are involved with the company and what their roles are?

Well, we do not try to share the roles, but someone has to rule 🙂 Together with me work wonderful people, who I met a few years ago starting activities related to investments on internet platforms. Our team is currently 5 people. I personally try to be as close to our investors as possible, which is why I spend a lot of time on our Telegram support group, sometimes I also reply to emails. There are two more people to serve users: Jason and Jack, who usually handles e-mails. Two of our greatest colleagues spend a lot of time working out profits for our investors, I often join them and we make decisions together.

In our reviews, we try to do two things: explain how a company generates the revenues it uses to pay earnings to its investors and also how a company’s investment plans work.  Concerning the first item, is there anything you would like to add to the information about Triton Plus that is given in your website?  The information that you give about its operations on the website is very brief.

Our company generates revenue from the opportunities offered by exchange rate cryptocurrency and, of course, some kind of speculation.
We also deal with the forex market to a small extent, but this is a very diversified product because it is the most risky in our opinion. We never risk our investors’ funds, so we place our own reserves there.
Investment plans available on our platform have been created for 3 months (since the launch of our company to the launch of the online platform in February 2019). We’ve done a lot of simulations and tests on our own money, to avoid the situation that we will offer something that will not work in the long term.
We have created 3 plans which, depending on the capital contributed, give a return on investment from 140% to 180% within 20 days.

When we review a program, we devote most of our time to explaining to our readers how a company’s investment plans work and to explaining what we feel are their strong and weak points.  As we indicated in our review of your program, we thought that the interest returns promised by Triton Plus are on the high side.  Do you anticipate problems in being able to fulfill your obligations to make interest payments?  We noted in our review that your higher interest programs also have much higher minimum investment requirements that will inherently limit the number of investors in them.  This, in turn, will decrease your obligations to pay high interest returns.  This might be at least a partial answer to the question that I have just asked. 

I agree, our plans at first glance seem to give a high profit. However, I would like to point out that we have a so-called “capital included in profit” system. Which means that within 20 days we have to give our investor capital and provide a decent profit. For example, by decomposing the basic plan into prime factors, we see that the net profit is 40% in 20 days, so exactly 2% daily, the rest is the return of the capital entrusted to us. What are the strengths and weaknesses? I personally see only strong. For me and our company, a stable, fast 20-day investment plan guarantees everyone a very quick return and earnings. This is what we want to stand out.

When it comes to the dependence of the investment size on profits, there is no secret either. As we know in the trade of cryptocurrencies, the most important is the quantity, and to put it more precisely the quantity that we can take away from the market and thus raise the price, which affects our earnings. The more we have at our disposal from the investor, the more value we can achieve. Therefore, I can not agree with the statement that large thresholds will help reduce the liabilities. On the contrary, larger deposits help us achieve even better earnings, which directly affects the financial stability of the company.

Something that we liked about your program is the very clear presentation of its three investment plans.  If we may make a suggestion, it would be that, if you do make changes to your program, do it in a manner that doesn’t harm this simple straight-forward type of approach.  Oftentimes, it is difficult to follow an HYIP website because it is needlessly complicated.  Perhaps you would like to comment on the thoughts behind this flavor of your website presentation.

You’ve noticed it – it was exactly what we wanted so that people would not have to sit with the calculator and calculate interest, compound interest and the cost of returning the deposit. Each of our plans lasts the same – 20 calendar days. The difference in percentage, as I mentioned in the previous question, depends only on the amount of capital contributed. Thank you for the suggestion, however, at the moment we do not anticipate any changes or introduce further plans.

Here at EmilyNews, we try to only list programs that we feel have a decent chance of long-term survival.  And, in our reviews, we give our readers our opinion as to what we think a program’s chances for survival are.  Concerning all this, have you taken any special measures to insure that your program will be among the very few that survive for a long long time?  This is, of course, the most important thing on the mind of the HYIP investor.

Regarding this question, I am very happy that I answer it exactly on the 30th day of our platform’s operation. What arguments can I use for people who are skeptical about our program? So far we have completed 1840, 20-day investment plans, which means that 1840 deposits have already achieved a profit of 140% to 180%. We have already paid 120 BTC to our investor. Another several thousand cycles ends this week. Do you often see such well-managed programs, where so many people have already earned serious money and earn more each day? I leave the answer to your readers. In my opinion, these statistics say everything.

Can you explain how you handle withdrawal requests? Are they handled manually or automatically? How long does it take to process a request? Do you process withdrawal requests on weekends? Do you anticipate situations where there might be long delays in processing withdrawal requests?

All withdrawals, without exception, in BTC, Perfect Money or Payeer are instant. The script makes the withdrawal itself and executes it within 2-3 seconds of the request. The speed of our withdrawals can be checked using BTC wallets, Perfect Money or Payeer processor. We guarantee that in a few seconds after clicking the withdrawal button it is on your personal wallet.
Payments are processed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
This payout system will never change on our platform. We value the time of our users and we do not want to provide them with the nerves associated with waiting for any payment.

Can you tell us about security measures you have taken to protect your website from hackers and other threats?

Unfortunately, due to the popularity of our program, we often experience unfair competition. We strive to protect ourselves in the best available ways.
Our platform works, of course, on a very good quality dedicated server, we have an EV-SSL data encryption certificate, protection against DDOS attacks in the form of the highest CloudFlare package and migration of IP addresses. Our system is monitored by us 24 hours a day. Obviously, we have the highest standards for storing the cryptocurrencies of our investors.

What does the future look like to you for Triton Plus? Do you have specific growth goals? How about special advertising programs?

What is the future of – above all STABLE and RESPONSIBLE.
I must say that we have started to build a great community among our users and promoters, we are going to prepare many attractions and gifts in the coming days in the form of advertising materials. We are in the process of recording videos showing our company and work in it. In the development of the company, we also want to actively enable our users. For this purpose, we are definitely planning the first meetings and presentations.

We try hard to be fair and honest with everything that we publish in the Emily News blog.  We see our goal as primarily explaining how investment programs work in a way that is both informative to the investor and fair to the program.  Is there anything that we can do to improve our service to investment program Admins like yourself?

Honestly, I would have advice on other types of advertising sites of this type, but your blog is run in a very reliable way. That’s why I cannot think of any advice that I could give. Do your job and try to extend the ranges around the world!

Can you tell us why you decided to advertise your program on EmilyNews?

Because I noticed here a great involvement in the analysis of programs, very detailed monitoring of programs even from outside your clients, which is very valuable for people to warn them against possible loss of money. In addition, I noticed a very good website rating, high position in Google search results.

Finally, is there anything else that you would like to add? This interview is your chance to say something that you might have overlooked in your website presentation.  Also, please feel free to add comments or clarification on anything that we might have said in our review of Triton Plus.

What could I add? I cordially invite you to invest in our platform, as I have already mentioned, the numbers speak for themselves. Simplicity of use, clear transparent rules. All this for people who are tired of entrusting their money with the hope of regaining their initial capital after many months.
With us it is fast and with high profit, we work at high speed and we give high profits! 20 days and you leave with a high income, you will want to invest yourself again!
I greet all readers of EmilyNews, I hope very much to see you with us, thank you for taking the time to read this interview.


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