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The Triton Plus Investment Plans.

In our “First Thoughts” article about Triton Plus, we introduced the program’s investment plans in the following way:

For the investor, Triton Plus offers three investment plans.  They are easy to understand and are all 20 days long.  They pay interest on a daily basis and return your investment as part of your earnings.  A quick mental calculation tells me that the plans are quite lucrative, but are not so lucrative that the program will have no chance of long-term survival.

Here’s the complete information of the investment plans as given in the program website:

7% daily
0.001 BTC – 0.5 BTC

8% daily
0.5001 BTC – 2 BTC

9% daily
2.001 BTC – 10 BTC

Analysis of the Triton Plus Investment Plans.

Let’s first determine when each of the three plans break even. You do this by dividing 100% by the daily gross interest that an investment plan pays.  For example, for the Basic plan, you divide 100% by 7% to get that the plan breaks even in around 15 days.  Doing the same calculation for the other two plans, you get the following results:

Plan                       Days to Break Even

Basic                      15
Intermediate           13
Ultimate                  12

Next, let’s determine the average daily net interest (DNI) that each of the plans pays you.  This is equal to the total net interest you earn from an investment plan averaged out over the number of days in the plan.  Before you break even, you aren’t making ANY net interest (profit).  After you break even, ALL of your earnings are net (profit).  DNI averages out this profit over the length of the plan.  This quantity is the best measure of profitability (and risk) of an investment plan.

Continuing to work with the Basic plan, if you multiply the 7% daily gross interest by the 20-day length of the investment plan, you get a total gross interest of 140%.  Subtracting 100% from this because your investment is included in the gross returns that you receive, you get a total net interest of 40%.  Finally, dividing this by the 20-day length of the investment plan, you get an average daily net interest (DNI) of 2%.  Repeating this little calculation for the other two investment plans, you get the following results:

Plan                       DNI

Basic                      2%
Intermediate           3%
Ultimate                 4%


These investment plans appear to be well-thought-out and have a number of features that will be attractive to the online investor.  First, the plans are short term.  Given the track record of survival of the typical online HYIP, this is good news.  Furthermore, the investment plans break even quickly — roughly in two weeks.  And, since you are receiving interest every day, the portion of your principal that is at risk is decreasing on a daily basis.  These features are in harmony with recommendations we made for a good online investment plan in the article that appeared in HYIP Insights #*21 (you can read it here).

Concerning profitability, still looking at the Basic plan, if you multiply the DNI of 2% by seven, you get an average weekly profit of 14%.  The same calculation for the other two investment plans will give you the following results:

Plan                       Average Weekly Profit

Basic                      14%
Intermediate            21%
Ultimate                  28%

In the article in HYIP Insights #23 (you can read it here), we suggested aiming at programs that offer investment plans that have weekly profits between 5% and 15%.  With the exception of the Basic plan, the Triton Plus investment plans all have weekly profits that are higher than this.  However, the Ultimate plan, with a minimum investment of 2 BTC, probably will not be affordable to many online investors.  In fact, we at EmilyNews discourage investors from putting large amounts of money into ANY online investment company (unless, of course, it can provide verifiable proof of its existence and previous performance).  Even the Intermediate plan with a minimum investment of 0.5 BTC will probably be out of reach of most investors.  This leaves the Basic plan which is at the high end of our suggestion for weekly profit to aim at.  So, even the lowest interest investment plan is a very lucrative one — at least according to our recommendation.

Of course, profitability isn’t the only thing we are aiming at.  We would also hope that the program we invest in will survive until the term of the investment plan is complete — and, hopefully, much much longer.  This is the reason that we suggest limits on weekly profits for programs to invest in.  The higher the profit, the higher the risk that a company won’t be able to fulfill its payment obligations to its investors.  So, you have to aim for a compromise.  Exactly where you aim will depend on your temperament.  The adventuresome investor will probably prefer a program such as this one where profitability is pushed to the limit.  The more conservative investor might prefer a less lucrative program with correspondingly less risk.  The decision of which way to go is what we refer to as “The HYIP Dilemma.”

Earnings Example.

As an example, suppose that you invest $500 in the Basic plan.  On a daily basis, you will receive 7% of this or $35 (07 x 500).  After 15 days you will have earned $525 (15 x 35) which is when you will break even.  When the investment plan ends after 20 days, you will have earned a total of $700 (20 x 35) for a net profit of $200 (700 – 200).  So, your total net interest is 40% (200/500 x 100) as we observed earlier.


The Triton Plus investment program offers three relatively short-term investment plans that are all very lucrative.  They are well-thought-out and all pay interest on a daily basis.  The lowest interest plan will probably be the most popular because its investment limits are in the range that will be affordable by most online investors.  This might be a blessing in disguise for the program as it will provide relief from the obligation for it to pay the high interests that are required for the two higher interest investment plans.  This should add significantly to the probability that the program will be able to survive in the long term.

I hope that this information is helpful.


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