Today, we are very happy to present an interview with the Admin of Doubly (reviewed here) to the readers of EmilyNews.  Interviews such as this are the Admin’s opportunity to provide additional information about his program and/or to clarify information in his website that might have confused some readers.  We feel that this is an especially informative interview; I learned a lot about Artificial Intelligence (AI) trading robots (bots)!  So, please take the time to read through all of the interview; it will be time well spent.  We are very grateful to the Admin of Doubly for taking the time to participate in this interview and hope that his responses will be helpful to you.

And, now to our interview…

Hello Admin. Can you please introduce yourself to the readers of EmilyNews and tell us a little about your background?

My name is Richard Greene, CEO and Marketing Manager of Doubly. I have been an independent entrepreneur for over 15 years and have gained a lot of experience in these many years. About 3 years ago, in 2015, my long-time friend and I, came up with a great idea, namely to develop an AI trading bot, which takes over trading in the currently most volatile market, the cryptocurrency market. It took us several years to develop and perfect the AI Trading Bot. First and foremost, we only offered our service to very large investors and, frankly, we made a lot of money with it. However, we came to the decision to offer our service to every type of investor to generate a new, high and stable source of income.

What is your role in Doubly? Can you tell us how many other professional staff members are involved with the company and what their roles are?

I am the CEO and Marketing Manager of Doubly. I make sure that this great project reaches the whole world and therefore can use this service for more financial freedom. Overall, our team, which includes the founders, consists of 17 professionals. The marketing team is supported by 6 professionals. One of these 6 is in our first year of training. One of the founders is my father, Kenneth Greene, CFO of Doubly. He oversees Doubly’s finances and ensures that the company’s liquidity remains stable. In the financial sector, there are 4 more professionals. Two of the four worked as Stock Market Traders in the past and watch the AI Trading Bot every day to ensure safe trades. The other two are master graduates and work in the accounting department. The main developer of our AI Trading Bots is George Conner, CTO of Doubly. He ensures the further development and monitoring of our AI Trading Bots. In addition, 4 other IT experts help him and provide new ideas in the world of artificial intelligence. They also ensure the security of our investors’ funds and the website.

In our reviews, we try to do two things: explain how a company generates the revenues it uses to pay earnings to its investors and also how a company’s investment plans work.  Concerning the first item, is there anything you would like to add to the information about your company that is given in your website?

As we said before, we generate the money through trading using an artificial intelligence bot in the cryptocurrency market. Since this is the currently most volatile market, it is even better for us to generate high income. We offer 3 different investment packages, which differ in investment amounts: Standard, Exclusive and VIP. The standard package offers 2.72% daily and a payout ratio of 6 hours. The middle package, Exclusive Package, offers 3.67% daily with a payout ratio of 12 hours. The biggest and most profitable package is the VIP package which offers 4.50% daily and winnings are distributed every 24 hours. The investment amounts, returns, and payout ratios are different as we use different algorithms for these three different packages and are based on short-term, middle-term and long-term. All packages end at 200%, so the package ends with double sales. This is also our status symbol of Doubly.

When we review a program, we devote most of our time to explaining to our readers how a company’s investment plans work and to explaining what we feel are their strong and weak points.  As we indicated in our review of your program, we feel that your investment plans are extremely well-thought-out. At the risk of “patting ourselves on the back,” they are close to what we would come up with if we were to design a set of online investment plans ourselves.  Would you care to explain your thought process behind this set on investment plans? Our readers might like to hear about this.

As you say, our investment plans are well thought out! Our three investment packages differ in investment amount, return percentage and payout ratio. All three investment packages run with different algorithms in cryptocurrency exchanges and are each designed for short-term, middle-term and long-term. Because the cryptocurrency market has an extreme volatility, we are able to offer such returns. Many see this volatility as something negative, but we as a company use this volatility to achieve low initial purchases and high sales. This is how we achieve maximum profit. The returns have been previously calculated, so we can expect to reach similar average value with our AI Trading Bot. The remainder is regarded as a fee, so to speak, with which our company earns the money and finances itself.

Another thing that we liked about your website presentation is its simplicity; everything is on one page!  This is what some people refer to as the KISS approach (meaning, Keep It Simple, Stupid!). If we may make a suggestion, it would be that, if you do make changes to your program, do it in a manner that doesn’t harm this simple straight-forward type of presentation.  Oftentimes, it is difficult to follow the presentation of an HYIP because it is needlessly complicated. Perhaps you would like to comment on the thoughts behind this flavor of your website presentation.

I completely agree! That’s also our strategy behind Doubly. As I said, I’ve been gaining experience for years and over time I recognized, that the more difficult it is to display a service or product, the lower the likelihood that people will respond. That’s why we focus on making the website as understandable and as easy as possible. In addition, we offer at Telegram our Doubly Bot, which facilitates the overview of his own account!

Here at EmilyNews, we try to only list programs that we feel have a decent chance of long-term survival.  And, in our reviews, we give our readers our opinion as to what we think a program’s chances for survival are.  Concerning all this, have you taken any special measures to insure that your program will be among the very few that survive for a long long time?  This is, of course, the most important thing on the mind of the HYIP investor.

I can assure you that we have a long-term perspective. As you can already see from the effort of our service and our website, we treat the project as our own child. And I have to tell you, not only the founders of Doubly have this thinking, but every employee! We only choose people who have the same thinking as we do, because only this contributes to the further success of our company. We also have our CFO, who takes care of the company’s stable liquidity, and our IT and trading experts who monitor our sophisticated AI Trading Bot every day to generate secure trades. So, we use several security measures to offer a long-term investment opportunity!

Can you explain how you handle withdrawal requests? Are they handled manually or automatically? How long does it take to process a request? Do you process withdrawal requests on weekends? Do you anticipate situations where there might be long delays in processing withdrawal requests?

At Doubly nobody needs to apply for a payout, because they are fully automated! For every investment made by an investor, the payout address will be indicated. If the minimum withdrawal amount is reached for this address, a withdrawal to the specified address will automatically be made. The payout is instant and will appear in the private wallet as soon as the blockchain confirms this 3 times. Of course, we also pay at the weekends. Payments will never be made late. However, if this is the case, our support and our IT experts will immediately take care of fixing it.

Can you tell us about security measures you have taken to protect your website from hackers and other threats?

We use different security methods to ensure a secure investment. For example, we use XSS Cross-site scripting protection to prevent external source code from being executed our website. In addition, is encrypted by EV SSL and secured against DDOS attacks. Furthermore, we are safe against SQL Injections, so that users cannot query our database with harmful queries. The wallets are also secured by various security features, but we do not want to give any details as to how it is exactly secured, because we can guarantee the security one hundred percent.

What does the future look like to you for Doubly? Do you have specific growth goals? How about special advertising programs?

Of course, we are working on a lot of updates for Doubly! For example, in the near future, we will be releasing a bounty program where our investors or simple users can complete tasks and earn points. These points are in turn used to, e.g. accelerate an investment or dissolve other rewards. Through our bounty program and other methods, we also want to expand our distribution network to introduce more people to this great investment opportunity. We have planned several other updates which will be published in weeks and months.

We try hard to be fair and honest with everything that we publish in the EmilyNews blog.  We see our goal as primarily explaining how investment programs work in a way that is both informative to the investor and fair to the program.  Is there anything that we can do to improve our service to investment program Admins like yourself?

Honestly, I am very happy with your work! You offer various advertising opportunities and thus we are able to present our ideas and vision to your community and convince them of our service. Also, that you offer an interview, is in my opinion very good as it gives us the opportunity to increase trust. And I mean nothing works without trust! There is nothing that I would recommend to your website as an improvement.

Can you tell us why you decided to advertise your program on EmilyNews?

As I said before, I am very satisfied with your work and that is why we absolutely wanted to advertise on your website. Through your various advertising opportunities, we are able to fully express our vision.

Finally, is there anything else that you would like to add? This interview is your chance to say something that you might have overlooked in your website presentation.  Also, please feel free to add comments or clarification on anything that we might have said in our review of Doubly.

I was very pleased that you said only positive things about our concept and our service. I really appreciate this and proofs that our work has paid out! We put a lot of work into this project. I’m proud of it and it’s also a lot of fun. We’ve been working on it for 3 years and we treat it like our own child. In addition, I’m glad and grateful to have participated in this interview and to talk with you and your community about how we came to this project, how our project works and what our next plans are. I wish you continued success!


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