How Does Seventy Cents Sound?

A few days ago, in News Commentary #455, we took a look at the “Bounty” program offered by Tokenizer.  As we indicated then, there are many programs offering bounties.  We offered the following general introduction to Bounty programs in that article:

A New Way for the Investor to Make Money.

There is a new way for the HYIP investor to add to his normal interest earnings.  This is by taking advantage of the “Bounties” that a number of programs are offering.  Typically, in order to earn these bounties, you have to publicize a program on social media.  While some bounties are very small, others can be significant.  Also, the amount of work required to earn a bounty can vary quite a lot.

Tokenizer (reviewed here) now offers two bounties.  One deals with Twitter.  You can earn 0.0007 BTC for retweeting the news on the official Tokenizer Twitter page.  The other deals with YouTube.  If you record a video about Tokenizer and upload it onto your YouTube page, you can earn up to 0.05 BTC.   While the bounty for retweeting is quite low (equivalent to around $5), the bounty for posting on YouTube can be very significant (worth up to around $350).  Of course, it takes a lot more effort to put together a decent video that it does to retweet something.

OK, but what about GoEx (reviewed here)?  They offer bounties for activity in three social media: Bitcoin Talk, Facebook, and Telegram.  The problem is that the level of these bounty commissions is very low (at least in my opinion).  For Bitcoin Talk, they range from 0.0001 BTC to 0.002 BTC.  Assuming that one Bitcoin is worth around $7,000, this comes to as minimum of $0.70 and a maximum of $14.  As far as I’m concerned, these returns aren’t worth the trouble to try to earn.  The bounties for Facebook and Telegram have even lower maximums than the one for Bitcoin Talk.  They come in at 0.0002 BTC (around $1.40) and 0.0004 ($2.80).  Why bother?

Here’s the info from the GoEx website on their bounty program:

Bitcoin Talk

Members – 0.0001 BTC per week
Full Members – 0.0005 BTC per week
Sr. Members – 0.0010 BTC per week
Hero Member – 0.0020 BTC per week
Legendary Members – 0.0020 BTC per week


Reward – 0.0002 BTC per week
No more than 1 post per week


Post on channel:
100 – 500 views – 0.0002 BTC
500 – 1000 views – 0.0003 BTC
1000 views and above – 0.0004 BTC

Repost in the group:
200 – 1000 members – 0.0001 BTC
1000 members and more – 0.0002 BTC


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