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The Tokenizer Investment Plan.

In our “First Thoughts” article about Tokenizer, we briefly introduced their investment plans as follows:

Now it is possible to invest with Tokenizer using Bitcoin and Litecoin with the addition of Ethereum and Bitcash promised shortly.  Here are the limits for investments with these two coins:

0.01 BTC – 50 BTC
0.25 LTC – 2,500 LTC

Right now, one BTC equals around $9,500 and one LTC equals around $170.  Making these conversions, these investment limits become approximately:

$95 – $475,000 for Bitcoin
$42 – $425,000 for Litecoin

These minimum investments are somewhat higher than the usual minimums for HYIPs.  The upper limits are, of course, out of sight.  Does Tokenizer really expect someone to invest a half million dollars in their program?!

Both plans pay 5% to 7% interest daily on weekdays and 2% on weekends and holidays.  Your deposit keeps on earning until your total gross return reaches 150%.  Then, you have to invest again; your investment is NOT returned at the end of the investment period as a separate amount.  So, your net profit is 50%.

Based on this information, you can see that Tokenizer really only offers one investment plan — but with two different payment methods.  This will simplify matters for us — and will make this a short review!  The main thing that I would like to do is to take a look at how profitable this investment plan is and — related to this — see what the chances look like for the program being sustainable in the long-term.  These two items are related as they both depend heavily on the daily net interest (DNI) of the investment plan.  So, that’s what we should figure out first.


Analysis of the Tokenizer Investment Plan.

This is complicated by two factors: first, the interest paid on weekends differs from the interest paid on weekdays and, second, the weekday interest can vary on a day by day basis.  Let’s make a few simplifications.  Weekday interest can vary from 5% to 7%.  As an estimate, we’ll use the mean value of 6%.  So, earning 6% for five days per week and 2% (weekends) for two days per week, the AVERAGE daily gross interest that you will receive from the investment plan will be around 4.9% ([5 x 6 + 2 x 2]/7).  Let’s call it 5% for simplicity.  Remember, this is only an estimate.  This plan will end when the total gross interest paid is 150%.  So, dividing 150% by 5%, we see that the plan will end after around 30 days.  The total net interest that you will earn is 100% less than this or 50%.  Dividing 50% by the 30-day length of the plan, we get a daily net interest (DNI) of around 1.67%.

In HYIP Insights #12, we suggested that programs offering investment plans with DNIs between 1% and 2% might be in the sweet spot.  The DNI is not so high that it will jeopardize the long-term survival of the overall program and not so low that the profitability of the plan will become unattractive to the HYIP investor.  However, we DO feel that programs offering investment plans with DNIs in this range will require a high degree of administrative skill in order to manage them such that the burden of paying these relatively high returns will not overwhelm the program.  To make the earning level of an investment plan clearer to me, I usually convert the DNI to a weekly net return.  In this case, multiplying the 1.5% daily return by seven days per week, we get a return of 10.5% per week.  Ten percent profit per week is more than enough for me!

Let’s take a look at one more thing.  We already determined that it will take around 30 days for the investment plan to end.  How long will it take for you to recover your investment — to break even?  We determine that by simply dividing 100% by the daily gross interest of 5% that the plan pays to get around 20 days.  Since everything we are doing here is a rough estimate, we might speak in general terms and say that the investment plan lasts around a month and breaks even in around three weeks.

Referring back to the article in HYIP Insights #21 entitled “A Safe Investment Guide,” and comparing the Tokenizer investment plan to this “Guide,” you will find that the plan appears to conform to all the suggestions in the article.  These are:

We will only invest in HYIPs that return your interest as part of your earnings.

We will only invest in programs within ONE WEEK of their opening date online.

We will only invest in an investment plan ONE TIME.

We will NOT invest in programs offering investment plans that have daily net interests (DNIs) greater than 2%.

We will only invest in programs that break even in LESS THAN one month.  This minimizes the time your investment is at risk.

Since Tokenizer is a very new program, it would be one of the rare cases that conforms to all these suggestions.

However, it is VERY important to remember that these are only SUGGESTIONS.  Obviously, other factors come into play.  One that is completely beyond the control of the investor is the fairness of the HYIP administrator.  Is he only playing the game to make a fast buck or does he intend to operate a program that will provide a handsome profit for a large number of his investors?


Tokenizer offers a single investment plan.  At present, you can invest in it using Bitcoin or Litecoin.  Ethereum and Bitcash are scheduled to be added shortly.  The plan appears to conform to guidelines suggested by EmilyNews for a “Safe” investment plan.  However, in spite of this, the investor is advised to always do his “due diligence” before investing in ANY online HYIP.

I hope this information is helpful.  Good Luck!


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