Henbbo Ventures platform (reviewed here) informed its members approximately few weeks back of a charity dinner “LET’S HELP TOGETHER” that (as claimed) was hold at the Hilton Deansgate Hotel in Manchester.

As we see Henbbo team keeps showing activity which of course reflects on their popularity among different investment projects in a good way. There is no doubt that the more active and informative program is – the more investors will definitely come visiting it and the more of them decide to get in.

Based on different users’ comments it’s highly recommended to use DAILY plans only to be always able withdrawing accruals everyday, thus to control your workflow with this platform.

Here’s the news:

Henbbo Foundation held a charity dinner “LET’S HELP TOGETHER”

We all know how complicated the situation is right now, both on the crypto market and in the global financial system. Under these conditions, it’s often quite difficult for start-ups to pave their way to success.
Henbbo Foundation management seeks to support the most promising projects in every way and also motivates its partners and investors to participate in this. Our joint efforts stimulate the development of the crypto market and open up new trends, ideas and approaches.
On April 14 this year Henbbo, together with its partners, held a charity dinner at the stunning Hilton Deansgate Hotel in Manchester. More than 130 of our biggest investors from the UK and Europe were invited to attend. 
The main objective of the LET’S HELP TOGETHER event was to raise charitable funds. This money will be used to support and help promote the most exciting crypto startups of our time. 
In exchange for their donations, participants of the event received invitations to participate in already existing successful crypto projects on special and very favorable conditions. The total value of these projects already exceeds $70 million and their capitalization is expected to grow at least 2.5-3 times by the end of the year.
As most participants admitted, it was an unforgettable evening which raised an impressive amount of £2,856,350. This is a fantastic result and a great opportunity for the many enthusiasts and professionals looking to grow our shared cryptocurrency universe!
Henbbo – smart investment will change your life!

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