Henbbo Ventures platform (reviewed here) recently posted “RESULTS FOR Q1 2023”. Company’s work, size of investments, amount of users and more points were touched in detail. 

Based on different users’ comments it’s highly recommended to use DAILY plans only to be always able withdrawing accruals everyday, thus to control your workflow with this platform.

Here’s the news:


📈Henbbo has summarized the preliminary results of the company’s work for the first quarter of 2023. Despite quite difficult macroeconomic conditions at the beginning of the year, Henbbo continued to increase its activity and it gave its positive results.

⬆️The number of users of Henbbo online platform, through which everyone from anywhere in the world can earn with us on the crypto market, increased by 15.5%. And the number of transactions increased by 1.3 times. The growth of transactions volume is slightly lower and is 118% compared to the previous period.

💰The growth in the number of Henbbo investors and their activity contributes to the increase in the total size of investments. For the last 3 months their size has increased by 16.8% and is more than $336 million. The total amount of payments has also increased by 19.2%, and it is already more than $102 million.

💎To give you an example, if you had stacked the Classic plan at the beginning of the year $1000 (minimum term of 14 business days) at 1.65% daily, then in 74 business days from the beginning of the year your profit would have already been over 122% – $1000 * 1,65% * 74 days = $1221

💎If you used more profitable Premium plan (minimum term of 28 days) and deposited $2000 for the same 74 days your net profit would exceed 170% – $2000 * 2,4% * 74 days = $3 552

💎And the most profitable variant is the Deluxe rate steaking, on the condition of “Included” offer. And with $5000 worth of staking (minimum term – 55 business days), your profit in 74 days would exceed your investment by more than X10 times! $5000 * 15.5% * 74 Days = $57,350

🤝Don’t miss the possibility to multiply your assets – earn passive income with Henbbo right now!

💲Henbbo – smart investment will change your life!

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