This is the fifth part of a series of reviews in which we are summarizing what was presented in older HYIP Insights articles.  It will be the last of the series — at least for a while — because this review will pretty much bring us up to the present.  As I have indicated in the past, the intent of the articles that you read in HYIP Insights is to give you information that will enable you to better understand how the HYIP “Game” works.  And, this, in turn, we hope will make you a more successful investor.  We believe that the information we provide in the HYIP Insights articles is timeless; it is as relevant now as the day it was written.  This is the reason we are writing this series of reviews.  We hope that they will remind you of what we had to say in the original articles and that you will read them again.

HYIP Insights #17 — The One Man Show.  This article was intended to expose to investors — in case they didn’t know it already — the fact that many HYIPs simply consist of ONE person.  It doesn’t matter what the website says about the company’s “team of investors,” etc.  Surprisingly, the clue that a company only consists of one person is something that the admin believes will help prove to the investor that the company is the real thing!  This is the fact that it has incorporation papers issued by “Companies House” in the United Kingdom.  The revealing thing is that, if you read through these papers, you quickly find out that the company only has ONE director who is the SOLE shareholder in the company and that he has purchased ONE share of the company for ONE British pound.  Just one person is involved.  I go into a lot more detail about this situation in the article.  If you haven’t already done so, please read it.  It even refers to an HYIP that was active when the article was written to make the story more realistic.  This article is almost fun to read.  It’s for the investor.  I doubt if admins liked it very much…

HYIP Insights #18 — Which Type of Investment Plan is Best?  Here at EmilyNews we stress the importance of determining the average daily net interest (DNI) for an investment plan, both as a means of determining how profitable it will be as well as because it can give you a fairly clear indication as to whether or not the program offering the plan will be a long-term survivor.  But, what happens if you are comparing two investment plans that have the SAME DNI?  This article took a very close look at this situation by means of a real numerical example.  It shows that there are other very important factors that should also be considered besides DNI.  These are how long it takes a plan to break even and whether the plan repays your deposit as part of your earnings or holds it until the plan ends.  You might say that this article was an effort to tone down the emphasis we always give to the importance of DNI.  I feel that what we wrote can be a great help for investors as they try to sort through the pros and cons of different investment plan offerings.

HYIP Insights #19 — DNI Formulas.  Whenever we review a new HYIP on the EmilyNews blog, we spend a great deal of time determining the daily net interest (DNI) for each of the investment plans that the program offers.  Well, this is really just a bunch of arithmetic.  So, the idea behind this article was to provide a short cut so that the investor wouldn’t have to repeat all this arithmetic every time he wants to know a DNI.  So, what I did in this article was to develop a number of FORMULAS for determining DNI.  They cover almost all the usual types of investment plans including whether or not a plan returns your deposit at its conclusion or along with your earnings.  They even include variations to cover the situation when you only get paid on business days.  This was a two-part article and it took a bit of effort to write.  Like writing a high school math textbook, although the theory isn’t especially deep, you have to be very careful about terminology lest the reader misunderstand how to use the formulas.  At the conclusion of the article I recall suggesting that the investor might wat to post the formulas in front of his desk so that they will be conveniently on hand to use.  Unfortunately, I haven’t used them very much in reviews that I wrote following this article simply because I think that it’s important for the newbie investor to understand how things work.  Unfortunately, you lose that benefit when you plug numbers into a formula.  So, this article could be a time-saver for the active investor who might have the need for a “quick and dirty” method of getting the DNI for a new investment plan.  That’s the reason I use the formulas…


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