This is the fourth part of a series of reviews in which we are summarizing what was presented in older HYIP Insights articles.  The intent of the articles that you read in HYIP Insights is to give you information that will enable you to better understand how the HYIP “Game” works.  And, this, in turn, we hope will make you a more successful investor.  We believe that the information we provide in the HYIP Insights articles is timeless; it is as relevant now as the day it was written.  This is the reason we are writing this series of reviews.  We hope that they will remind you of what we had to say in the original articles and that you will read them again.

HYIP Insights #13 — Daily Net Interest.  The intent of this article was to briefly summarize the importance of understanding what daily net interest (DNI) is all about and to, again, work through a few examples explaining how you go about putting numerical values on it.  In the article we began by saying that DNI “is extremely important to the HYIP investor as it enables him to compare the profitability of investment plans that can look very different at first glance.  Some plans will return your principal at the end of the investment term while others will not.  The terms of investment plans can vary widely.  Interest can be offered on an hourly, daily, weekly, or some other basis.  There are probably other variables too.  DNI sorts through all this and is the SINGLE TERM that you need to understand in order to see how lucrative an investment plan might be.”

We then reviewed exactly what is meant by DNI as follows:

Even though investment plans might pay you earnings at different time intervals and for different lengths of time, all that really matters is the AVERAGE profit that you can put in your pocket on a daily basis.  You may not actually receive this profit every day.  However, after an investment plan is complete, this is the equivalent of the total percent profit if you averaged it out on a daily basis over the length of the plan; this is the DNI of the investment plan.  If, for the same investment, one plan earns you an average of $5 per day profit while another earns you $6, the six-dollar plan is the better deal because the daily profit or daily net interest (DNI) is greater.  That’s easy to understand.  The trick is to see through all the information that camouflages the DNI for the investment plans you are interested in.

There is more information about DNI in this article.  If the term still isn’t clear to you, you would do well to read the entire article.  I can’t overemphasize how important this term is.

HYIP Insights #14 — Obscene Programs!   The purpose of this article was to warn investors to stay away from programs that offer investment plans which promise ridiculously high earnings and to encourage admins not to offer such programs.  We referred to these programs as “Obscene” programs.  We began the article with this statement:

When it comes to obscenity, I’m not talking about anything that has to do with nudity, male-female relations, or the like.  Just as these subjects can become obscene and offensive if not tempered by good taste, so, too, can financial investment opportunities become obscene if they are “off the chart” and out of touch with reality.  Just as you might gasp and turn your head the other way when you encounter human obscenity, you might also gasp when you encounter financial obscenity.

In the article I gave two examples from HYIPs that were online at that time that promised truly obscene returns.  I then summarized things by making the following recommendations to HYIP admins:

An HYIP should NOT promise returns that are “off the chart” and are obviously impossible to deliver.

An HYIP should NOT engage in “fishing expeditions” for rich unwary investors.  Stop these high yield plans with excessively high minimum investments that fish for wealthy unwary investors.

The Admin of an HYIP that obeys these rules will have the respect of investors as they will know he isn’t trying to trick them into investing with the company.  Yes, he might be playing the HYIP game.  But, investors are OK with this and hope that the Admin would actually like to see many of his investors come out ahead before he decides to pull the plug.

Finally, we summed up the article as follows:

We hope that this article might accomplish two things:

If there are investors out there that might be tricked by these types of investment plans, we hope that this article will serve as a warning to steer clear of them.

We further hope that Admins will seriously consider adopting the suggestions we offer relative to eliminating the excessive type of investment plans described in this article.

There is a lot more information in the complete article.  If you are the type of person that might be swayed by promises an HYIP makes concerning instant riches, please read it!  Remember that no HYIP lasts forever and that all of them are only “Games.”  The “Obscene” programs are the ones for which the game is apt to end a lot quicker than you would like it to…

HYIP Insights #16 — The Two Most Important Things!  The purpose of this article was to remind the reader that the two most important things about an HYIP are:

The reputation of the company that is offering the investment opportunity and

The investment plan itself, including such items as the length of the plan and the interest it pays.

In fact, these are the pieces of information you would like to know about any company anywhere that you are thinking about investing with.  This is only common sense.

Concerning the first item, in past HYIP Insights articles (see HYIP Insights #6), we have talked about something we refer to as the “Legend” of an HYIP.  This is the story about itself that a company gives in its website.  We KNOW that 95% of these stories are just that, “legends,” tales that may have an ounce of truth in them but, for the most part, are fiction.  When we invest in an HYIP, we accept this situation as part of the unwritten rules of the HYIP “Game.”  Probably the best we can hope for is an admin who will play the game fairly.  We wrote an article about the HYIP “Game” in HYIP Insights #4.

Concerning the second item, a lot boils down to being able to determine the daily net interest (DNI) offered by an investment plan.  When you know this, you will have a very good feel for both the survivability of a program as well as how profitable investing with it might be.  HYIP Insights #13 was dedicated to a discussion of DNI.

When we introduce a new program in the EmilyNews monitor, we pretty much limit our discussion to these “two most important things.”  In our “First Thoughts” article about a new program we talk about a company’s “Legend,” while in the review, itself, we talk about its investment plans.


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