Another bonus program which will be available until 13.00 GMT of today was presented by Henbbo Ventures platform (reviewed here) in their TG channel. As usual, it is not to be supported for a long time and already today later will be over. For those of you who has available balance (after reinvesting) or has a willing to join with new deposit will get this bonus right away.

Based on different users comments it’s highly recommended to use DAILY plans to be always able withdrawing accruals everyday, thus control your workflow with this platform.

Here’s the update:


🎉New Year’s and Christmas holidays have inevitably come to their end. But we want to prolong this time and get even more gifts.

💰With Henbbo the holidays never end! Right now, to keep you in the holiday spirit, Henbbo Foundation offers you to get bonus payments. This promotional offer is valid for all plans. It can be used by anyone who wants to get extra income with Henbbo right now. To participate in the promotion, you need to use one of the staking variants and deposit an amount convenient for you, according to the terms of the tariff plan. After the staking period expires, you’ll receive interest accrual and an additional promo bonus.

✅Detailed Promotion Terms:

  • Offer – “Daily” 1.65% plan – get bonus + 1.3% to your deposit amount 2.4% plan – get bonus + 2.5% to your deposit amount 3.7% plan – get bonus + 3.3% to your deposit amount
  • Offer – “After” 145% plan – get bonus + 1,5% to your deposit amount Plan 240% – get bonus + 2,8% to your deposit amount 450% plan – get bonus + 3,9% to your deposit amount
  • Offers – “Included” 10.5% Plan – get bonus + 5.5% to your deposit amount 12.4% Plan – get bonus + 7.7% to your deposit amount Plan 15.5% – get bonus + 9.8% to your deposit amount
  • “Long” tariff plans 1400% plan – get bonus + 4% to your deposit amount 2100% plan – get bonus +8% to your deposit amount 6500% plan – get bonus +17% to your deposit amount

📆The promotional offer is valid until 13:00 GMT on February 1. For all plans bonus funds will be added to the deposit amount and will be available for usage after the staking period.

💲Henbbo – smart investment will change your life!

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